Friday, June 2

10 Anime Characters Who Would Absolutely Fail No Nut November

Denji pogchamps after Power tells him he can cop a feel.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
Image: Mappa / Crunchyroll / Kotaku / Thomas Pajot (Getty Images)

For whatever reason, every time November rolls around a chosen few take it upon themselves to participate in the internet’s self-celibacy challenge: No Nut November.

As silly as it sounds, the celibacy challenge has a huge following online. It’s even got its own dedicated community on the r/nonutnovember subreddit with over 134,000 “nut cumrades” and 3,000 “nut spectators.” The rules for No Nut November, colloquially known as “coitus reservatus” or “The Contest” by Seinfeld enjoyers, are that participants must abstain from having sex, masturbation, or watching anything pornographic within the month of November. Unlike the good old American pastime of baseball, there are no “three strikes and you’re out.” You got one shot to not take so make it count.

Those who choose to participate in the event claim it leads to a wealth of health benefits. Even the self-proclaimed musical genius and Hitler apologist, Kanye West, declared that he’s participating in the challenge in an attempt to cleanse his malleable mind on his official Twitter account. Which just goes to show what going through divorce court does to a MF.

In that same spirit, I thought it’d be fun to point at laugh at this silly tradition by assembling a list of anime characters who wouldn’t shut up about their participation in the challenge, only to fail within a matter of days, if not minutes. Dishonorable mention goes out to Neon Genesis Evangelion’s Shinji Ikari. You’re nasty and you need to get into therapy instead of a giant robot.

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