Tuesday, November 28

10 Fall Fashion Trends That Will Still Be Stylish in 2023



Question: which pieces in your closet do you predict will still be in style six months from now? There are, of course, staples that will always be stylish, but beyond that, it can be hard to foresee what fashion trends will manage to stay relevant. In part, that’s due to the very fast-paced nature of the industry—micro-trends come and go, and brands blow up overnight. Add on top of that the fact that most of us don’t have an endless budget to spend on new clothing, nor is shopping all the time sustainable, so we have to invest in things that will last longer. And while the idea of long-term trends may seem like an oxymoron, designers always create a few things that manage to crossover every season without fail. 

Identifying them, of course, takes time, but luckily for you, dear reader, we have it. Ahead, you’ll find ten fashion trends that will be stylish well into next year, based on hours of looking through Fall/Winter 2022 and Spring/Summer 2023 runway images. If you’re still wondering what pieces can manage to still look good six months from now, you’ll want to keep scrolling…

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