Thursday, March 23


Representatives from AA South Africa, the Automobile Association of Kenya, the Automobile Association of Namibia, the Automobile Association of Zimbabwe, Koninklijke Nederlandse Toeristenbond (ANWB — The Netherlands), Automovel e Touring Clube de Moçambique (ATCM — Mozambique), Emergency Assist 991 (EA991 — Botswana), Reial Automobil Club de Catalunya  (RACC — Spain), Real Automóvil Club de España (RACE — Spain), Riksförbundet M Sverige (Sweden) and Touring Club Suisse (TCS — Switzerland) attended the two-day event showcasing existing Clubs’ technologies, with a particular focus on software and digital solutions.

On the first day, technology partners from Ford, Huawei, and Rubicon presented technologies having the potential to shape the future of mobility and electric vehicles and explained how Cloud storage plays a key role in enabling development of businesses, AI technologies and mobility solutions. FIA Region I Member Clubs AA South Africa, RACC (Spain), RACE (Spain), M Sweden, AA Kenya, and TCS (Switzerland) presented digital solutions that support their Clubs’ activities. Some of these solutions included CityTrips – a Mobility as a Service app from RACC, M Connect – a smart driving app from M Sweden, and AA Rescue from AA Kenya.

On the second day, a match-making session was held during which Club Delegates had the opportunity to book one-to-one meetings with each other to discuss their technology needs and solutions. At the end of the ACTA Technology Fair, a workshop session about customer relationship management systems was carried out for participants.

FIA Region I President Thomas Møller Thomsen thanked AA South Africa for hosting the event and reiterated FIA Region I’s support. “As always, the Region I Office stands ready to help ACTA, and with new technologies we are eliminating the distances between each other,” said Thomsen.

AA South Africa CEO Willem Groenewald expressed his honour to host the ACTA Technology Fair in Cape Town on ‘Global Collaboration to Expand Business Through Technology’. “AA South Africa is proud to host this prestigious event on behalf of ACTA enabled by the FIA,” said Groenewald.

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