Monday, September 25

15 Best Headphones for Working Out in 2022 That’ll Help You Hit Your PRs

There are the best wireless headphones and then there are the best headphones for working out. Sure, there’s some overlap there, but those that fall into the latter category have one huge bonus going for them: They’re not going to pop out of your ear mid-stride, -squat, or -sit-up, so they’ll be there for you every time you hit a new personal record (or as the pros call it, a “PR”).

In the past looking for wireless headphones for working out meant opting for a low-quality pair of “wireless” headphones (those ones that are still wired yet called wireless for some reason) or spending a boatload of money to get truly wireless headphones. Thankfully, the technology has improved drastically, and you can find a great pair of workout-friendly headphones at price points that you won’t, ahem, need to sweat. These headphones can hold their charge for longer than 30 minutes, stay connected to your phone, and fit and stay in your ears no matter how intense the workout. Heck, these days, even wireless headphones not specifically designed for working out make adequate workout buds.

To find the best headphones for working out, we’ve spent years (yes, literal years) running, biking, lifting, and…walking briskly, with a few dozen different pairs of Bluetooth headphones. We did the heavy lifting for you, so that we may now introduce you to the best wireless headphones for working out—ones that function so well you won’t really have to think about them at all.

The Best Headphones for All Kinds of Workouts: Jabra Elite 7 Active

Water Resistance: IP57
Noise Cancellation: Yes
Battery Life: 8 hours

For too long, you had to spend over $100 to get a pair of just half-decent wireless headphones. In 2022, that’s no longer the case. Our favorite headphones for working out are the very-affordable, $100 Jabra Elite 7 Actives. Released in October 2021, the Active model of the Elite 7s feature something called ShakeGrip technology—self-explanatory as it sounds, pop these earbuds in your ear, give your head a shake, and be in awe of how stable these stay put. The only problem with this sturdy fit is that the earbuds essentially plug up your whole ear, and since the earbuds are made of silicone rubber, they feel like they’re completely blocking up you ear in the same way an ear plug would. This might feel uncomfortable if you’re used to a looser-fitting earbud, but they’ll at least be more secure when you’re toggling between HIIT exercises or getting your heart rate up jumping rope.

These headphones are a step up above the Elite 4 Actives, and we find that the more premium pair of earbuds are worth the money. The Elite 7 Actives have a better battery life—eight hours of playback time or 30 hours with the charging case—plus two extra microphones, which improve the sound quality of your phone calls if you’re using them as everyday buds, too. The addition of wireless charging is also a huge plus, and while wireless charging isn’t exclusive to these, it does offer a major bonus. The Elite 7s also use Bluetooth Multipoint technology so you can be connected to two devices simultaneously—like if you need to go from computer to phone (given it’s not a workout situation)—for seamless connectivity. Users are able to switch between adjustable active noise cancellation, as well as a transparency mode so you can remain aware of your surroundings, like say if you’re running in a crowded urban area, without giving up on your tunes. 

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