Wednesday, March 22

17 Best Crocs of 2022 for Women, Men & Kids

Quite possibly the most divisive shoe in fashion history, Crocs were created first as a boating shoe over 20 years. Hence the, ahem, unique waterproof, good grip, easy-on-and-off design. Kids and chefs were early adopters of these comfy, foam-based shoes and Crocs (which are named after those pre-historic amphibians who love both land and water) has now blown up to become both a billion-dollar company and an iconic shoe brand. And while the haters are gonna hate, many a skeptic has been converted, especially in this continued era of comfortable fashion. In fact, Crocs have only grown more popular these last years with high-profile collabs featuring Balenciaga, Bad Bunny, Justin Bieber, Saweetie, and Karol G, among other A-listers. And if you just can’t get down with the original style, the company has expanded their offerings to include sandals, boots, sneakers and more. We picked the 17 best Croc styles for 2022, so everyone in your family can find a way to rock their Crocs.

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