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23 Best Sandals for Men in 2022: Sandals, Slides, and Clogs to Ignite All Your Summer Looks

Warmer days are here and we’re embracing the heat with open arms. Or, uh, open feet. That means sliding into the best sandals for men. This isn’t to take away from the best shoes for men, though. It’s prime time for white sneakers, for sure. But sandals are an essential part to a hot-hot-hot summer look and when the heat is blazing, you want to snag every breeze you can. The best of ’em can stand on their own and steal the show like Michael Jordan. Other great sandals look dope with an assist from a pair of bold socks or even some glitzy painted toes, a la Dennis Rodman. Whether you’re into jeans or jean shorts (two very different people), there’s a right sandal for you. We’ve gathered the best heatwave-prepped sandals, slides for men, clogs and (gasp!) flip flops to turn up the heat this summer.

The Best Overall Sandals

Birkenstock Arizona soft footbed leather sandal

You were expecting something else? Birkenstock has reigned atop the sandal world for well over two centuries for a reason: a beyond perfect blend of comfort, quality, and style. Their sandals are handcrafted in Germany using top-tier leathers and suedes atop a cushion-y cork footbed that moulds to your feet over time. They fit it into every style camp, whether you’re some version of normcore, outdoors enthusiast, high-fashion snob or hypebeast. The Arizona is Birks’ most iconic model, and whether they’re your first or your 45th, it’s high time you slipped into a new pair for summer.

The Best Budget (But Expensive-Looking!) Sandals

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Deer Stags Bamboo2 huarache sandal

Breezy, dressy, ready to be paired with slick shades and some manner of frozen alcoholic beverage, these huarache-style sandals from Deer Stags look more expensive than they actually are. That’s mainly thanks to the intricately woven uppers, which happen to be crafted from genuine leather—an absolute steal at a price this low. Wear ’em the way you would a killer pair of loafers: with shorts, with jeans, hell, maybe even with a suit.

The Best Indoor-Outdoor Sandals

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Birkenstock Arizona EVA sandal

Love the look and feel of your leather Birks, but bummed you can’t get ’em wet? Here’s your solution: the classic Arizona silhouette molded from waterproof, washable, ultra-lightweight EVA (a.k.a. the same stuff Crocs are made from). They’re affordable, durable, and a great hang whether you’re lounging poolside or sunning on the beach.

The Best Waterproof Sandals

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OOFOS OOahh recovery slide

When you’ve crushed a massive workout and are ready to hit the showers, these heavenly cushioned sandals from OOFOS will treat your dogs right. Depending on your general feelings about Yeezy slides, you might also be inclined to rock these bulbous beasts out in public. They’ll work wonders no matter which body of water you’ve chosen to kick back at.

The Best Hiking Sandals

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Fill your Nalgene and pack up that trail mix, because Chaco’s legendary Z/1 sandals are ready for a hike. They’re plenty handsome, sure, but the real appeal here is the 4×4-level sturdiness: the cushy treaded soles are built to handle all manner of rough terrain, while the adjustable straps will keep them securely to feet whether you’re scrambling up a craggy trail or wading through a creek. Or, if your idea of a “hike” is a trip to the grocery store or a park hang with the homies, pull ‘em on with some vibrant socks, flowy pants, and a hoodie for maximum vibes.

The Best Closed-Toe Sandals

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Mohinders city slipper

Toss a huarache, a desert boot, and a mule in a blender, and you get these sophisticated beauts.

Toss a huarache, a desert boot, and a mule in a blender, and you get these sophisticated beauts. Handmade by Indian artisans using supple water buffalo leather and impossibly plush goatskin, they’ll mould to your feet for an even more comfortable fit down the road. Add the cloud-like crepe soles to the mix, and these might just be the single-most comfortable sandals on the list. They’ll bring a touch of worldliness to whatever you wear ’em with, be it a breezy camp shirt and shorts or a pique polo and crisp trousers.

The Best Sandals for Flip-Flop Devotees

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Hoka One One Ora recovery flip flops

We’re noted fans of Hoka One One’s cloud-like recovery slides, but the ‘tween-the-toes version is every bit as powerful. If you just can’t give up your flip-flop habit, take these smooth-driving convertibles out for a spin.

The “Don’t Bother Me, I’m on Vacation” Sandals

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If you can’t book a one-way ticket to the Mediterranean, these espadrille-inspired sandals might be the next best thing. From the jute soles to the criss-crossing suede straps, everything about them is screaming to be teamed with wide-leg linen pants or the shortest of swim trunks while strolling along a serene and secluded beach.

The Best Dressy Sandal

Ancient Greek Sandals Dinatos leather sandals

Dress sandals might sound like an oxymoron, but as with anything, there are levels to this. These all leather sandals are elegant enough to pair with a casual suit for a beachside wedding or with some wide dress pants and a relaxed T-shirt for that luxury casual look a la The Row.

Best Bodega Run Sandals

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The Swoosh slides you see before you are not for a day full of walking. No, they’re chillin’ at home in a bathrobe or a just-round-the-block stroll. This is the type of sandal you wear within a three-block radius of your home. Or they’re the slides you bring with you to the gym, solely intended for a soft entrance and exit. They’re waterproof, lightweight, and thankfully, they’re affordable. No footwear collection should be without a pair.

13 More Sandals We Love

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Birkenstock Boston soft footbed clog

Another Birkenstock classic worth your time and money: the Boston clog, which amps up just about any fit with a bit of crunchy hippie cred, and makes all your coolest socks look even cooler.

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Adidas Adilette shower slide

Perfect as shower slippers, beach sandals, or for general stay-at-home leisure.

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Yuketen “Alejandro” Huarache sandal

Traditional woven leather huarache up top, thick-as-oatmeal Vibram sole down low.

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Keen Uneek slides

Turns out webbed feet aren’t such a bad thing.

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Crocs classic Realtree clog

If you’re looking to hop aboard the Crocs-are-cool-now train, might as well go all the way: these mildly wacky Realtree joints are the best place to start.
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Freedom Moses two-band slides

These unisex double-strapped slides come in a gang of colors and patterns to match whatever vibe you’re emitting, whether you’re relaxing or rollicking.

Bottega Veneta rubber sandals

Gauche in the best way possible.

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Suicoke DAO 2-ab sandals

The soles and gorp-y design says you could climb a mountain. The cushy footbed and open toe says no, you’re fine right where you are.

Jacques Solovière Biarritz suede sandals

Behold, the perfect balance of rakish and relaxed. These gorgeous Biarritz-bound sandals make it impossible to look like schlub even on your most relaxed days off.

Recto lambskin wrap around flip-flops

Who knew gladiator-type sandals could look so slinky and so sexy? Clearly, Recto did.

Bottega Veneta tie-dyed shearling slides

Like a teddy bear on an acid trip ended up in a different dimension as a wild sandal.

Y/Project x Melissa floral slide sandals

The block ain’t ready for this jelly.

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