Sunday, January 29

29 Cool Fall Fashion Items to Shop Right Now


Pixie Market

Like many people at this very moment, my friend is in the process of fleshing out her fall wardrobe. As I’m the friend who also happens to be a fashion editor, it didn’t take long before a series of texts popped up on my phone asking me for shopping advice. She wants pieces that are cool but not too out-there so that she can still wear them to the office and pieces that are timeless to the extent that they’ll remain relevant after a year. As a New Yorker, she’ll be in for 50-degree days sooner or later, so sturdy boots, knits, and jackets are also top of mind.

With the influx of trends landing just in time for fall, fulfilling her request didn’t take all that long, especially when it came to coats and sweaters. Cool cropped jackets are having a moment, and fuzzy mohair pullovers are making a return. My detailed list of cool fall pieces was too good to keep in the chat, so I’ve shared it here for your shopping pleasure. Keep scrolling to find a selection of fall fashion items that define what’s cool right now.

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