Tuesday, May 30

45 Affordable Summer Clothing Finds That Look Expensive AF


@daniellejinadu; STYLING: Anthropologie Petra Drop Earrings; Aritzia Blouse and Skirt

Not to be dramatic, but I’ve probably spent thousands of hours staring at clothing. In that time, I’ve almost become jaded or immune to overreacting (call it an occupational hazard, if you must). It’s not that I don’t find things exhilarating anymore; I’m just harder to impress. While I’ll always love the adrenaline rush of finding an expensive item for cheap or discovering new trends, the idea of a minimal capsule wardrobe moves me more these days. 

Of course, even with this new-found ethos, I’d be lying if I didn’t say I still occasionally get swept up in my feelings. Sometimes, I’ll scroll through the new arrivals section at Nordstrom or Reformation and gasp at what I see. In those moments, I’m reminded of the unbridled joy that can come from finding great clothing for a great price point. And instead of gatekeeping the feeling, I’ve decided to try to share it with the world (or at least you, dear reader).

After scrolling through Nordstrom, Zara, Mango, Shopbop, and J.Crew, I found 45 summer items that look expensive but cost less than $150. Each piece, for me at least, fits the bill of what we want our clothing to be: affordable, wearable, and jaw-droppingly stylish.

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