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5 Ways To Keep Kids Engaged In Technology

Ways to keep kids busy and entertained

Work From Home Balancing work life with personal life can be very beneficial, as it saves time in traffic and other activities. They allow people to focus on their children without neglecting work and vice versa.

However, if children are still in the very early stages of their lives, they need more attention, so their parents usually need the support of a nanny or family members such as siblings and parenting. when they carry out their daily business activities.

Much better when children are already of age to go to school, as adults will have a few quiet hours to be able to work without distractions, that is, until the school day is over And the kids still don’t return home. with lots of energy.

For this reason, Infobae has put together a list with a range of strategies to keep the little ones at home busy when work hours are over.

With this simple and basic tool, kids will have all the tools they need to draw

It is very normal for kids to draw and it would be very tempting for them to find a complete set of colored pencils, crayons and markers to let their imagination go, of course, a good number of sheets to avoid mischief.

Esther Cohen from “The Verge” says she has an organizer for these at home, and when her kids come home from school, without being forced, they are finally left alone for an hour, imagining them. capture all its potential. on separate sheets.

from the age of three years and above

you can say that These are the current generation audiobooksIt is an electronic cube that plays fables and nursery rhymes, but the interesting thing about this element is how interactive it is, as it includes various figures of animals and fantastic characters, if placed on top of the device, So start telling the story of the baby doll.

How to keep kids busy while working from home

This device keeps children distracted for long periods of time and is being used in day care centers and bilingual schools because of its usefulness as a tool to teach them English.

2 to 8 years

This is an online elementary education academy, Works as a streaming platform for the style of netflix, but in this case Exclusive content for boys and girls. It has a large number of classes, games and Very fun program to learn about any subject such as language, mathematics or science.

This is a series of cartoons that have been very entertaining for kids, according to internet users who are already parents, it is available here Disney Plus And its plot involves the adventures of a family of dogs living in Australia.

This is an interactive series for kids.  (Netflix)
This is an interactive series for kids. (Netflix)

This is another animated program for preschool children, it features a little tiger, played by his friends and his family, who have to solve various activities, and for this reason they always come to the aid of their viewers , which makes the show very interactive and as babies are learning new things while answering questions from the characters.

In addition to these options, it is also recommended to check what toys and activities are available in each city in Latin America, as there may be a better offer and a national brand.

Likewise, it is recommended that in free time children are taken from home to parks, museums and other kinds of places that help release all their energy and imagination.

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