Saturday, March 2

9 Fall Trends to Adopt If You’re a Maximalist


Launchmetrics Spotlight/MSGM; Courtesy of Gucci; Launchmetrics Spotlight/Bottega Veneta; Launchmetrics Spotlight/Balmain; Launchmetrics Spotlight/Dries Van Noten

Lately, it seems impossible to scroll online without stumbling upon the terms “quiet luxury” or “old money” as the fashion aesthetic has taken over everywhere. I’m not sure about you, but some trends get tired really quickly for me, especially when they’re inescapable on the internet. Don’t get me wrong—I’m a stickler for good staples as much as the next girl. But minimalism’s overwhelming popularity feels almost antithetical to its very ethos—an idea that’s all about embracing items that outlast the trend cycle. All of this is to say that while minimalism may be having a moment, a wardrobe full of too many basics can feel, well… boring to me. After all, what makes fashion fun is finding that fine balance, baby!

One way you can break free from the grip of “quiet luxury” is by taking a few risks with your fall wardrobe. By no means do you have to become a devoted maximalist overnight, however, if you’re in desperate need of a break, opting for a few bolder fall trends is the right move for you. In an effort to give you that much-needed respite, we spent hours combing through the fall/winter 2023 runway collections to identify the nine best maximalist trends for fall.

Whether you need to spice up your staples with a few statement accessories or are an anti-minimalist to your core, there’s something ahead for everyone. 

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