Tuesday, September 26

'90s Nostalgia: These Timeless Handbags Are Everything and More

Arguably the best part of being an NYC-based fashion editor is getting to watch the trend cycle evolve in real time. I can take a walk through SoHo and see our trend forecasts become street style in a matter of minutes. But on the flip side, I also get to observe the timeless pieces that exist outside of that cycle. For example, some handbags have a staying power so strong that they instantly bring you back to an iconic ’90s campaign. (Hi, Cindy Crawford.) MCM Worldwide tends to have that effect on me and so many other people. Whether it’s the Reversible Liz Shopper hanging off the arm of someone crossing the street or the Ottomar Weekender Bag being packed into the overhead bin on a flight, MCM pieces are instantly recognizable and never go out of style. With Cindy Crawford as its new face and an all-leather collection on display, MCM was much deserving of one of my deep dives. What did I find? A mix of the classics, fresh styles, and everything in between. Keep scrolling for all the luxury handbags worth investing in this fall.

It’s impossible to discuss MCM’s impact without mentioning the iconic Visetos monogram. This MCM logo on the OG cognac base is where it all started. Since 1976, your favorite celebrities have been wearing some variation of this classic print. The best part? The assortment has only gotten better with time. I mean, have you seen the crescent hobo bag or the mini chain backpack? They can only be described as ’90s nostalgia with a 2023 twist. Pro tip: When your outfit is lacking excitement, add one of these silhouettes to give it some character.

The category is maximalism. If you’re looking to make an even bigger statement, MCM released the jumbo monogram earlier this year for you. The Maxi Visetos monogram is an enlarged version of the classic Visetos print, and the collection is available in cognac and black colorways. While we’re in the era of stealth wealth, these pieces will truly set you apart from the pack. Onlookers will never have to guess where you got your incredibly cute purse. And truth be told, I love the idea of people seeing me sport a heritage brand. All of the bags from this collection speak for themselves, so I’d style this with a rather neutral look (e.g. relaxed suiting or jeans and T-shirt) to give my accessory the attention that it deserves.

Mode Travia is unlike any collection we’ve seen from MCM. This all-leather collection takes elements from the original Visetos collections such as the traditional black and cognac colorways and the signature Visetos monogram, but it also introduces completely new shapes, shades, and logos. (FYI, the green Mode Travia Tote in Spanish Nappa Leather has my name written all over it.) This collection is for shoppers who are leaning into simplistic designs but don’t want to fully let go of logos. MCM’s new embossed logo style gives us an opportunity to participate in logomania in a more subdued way. Whether you’re wearing the hobo bag or throwing the wallet into your purse, you can do so knowing your items will never go out of style.

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