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Actress Ayden Mayeri Is an Avid Thrifter—These Are Her Most Memorable Finds

Ayden Mayeri has been busy. Like starring-in-five-projects-and-counting-this-year-alone kind of busy. The actress, who you may recognize from her exceptional performances in Veep, New Girl, and Amazon’s Homecoming, has been bringing the funny in 2022, and we can’t get enough. From the Apple TV+ whodunit comedy The Afterparty to the hilarious Showtime series I Love This For You to her latest absurd adventure Spin Me Round, now in theaters and on AMC+, Mayeri is consistently a standout. What’s more, the 31-year-old is an avid and skilled thrifter with a passion for environmental issues and sustainable fashion. Naturally, when we heard this fact about Mayeri, our ears perked up. A mindful consumer with a closet full of amazing vintage finds? We need to know more. So we asked the actress to put together four perfect summer looks featuring her favorite discoveries and share the stories behind them. 

I started thrifting as a kid. It was the only way my friends and I could pull off full wardrobe and costume looks for makeovers, home-made movies, and photoshoots with my cat Midnight. We’d get a budget of $20 and go wild!

Thrifting lends memories to the whole experience of searching for unique and interesting pieces. Not only have they lived a life before me, but I’m making memories when I’m out thrifting. It’s a hobby I share with friends.“This top? Oh, I got it when my best friend visited from New York to escape a terrible breakup. We stumbled upon this little thrift store in a strip mall, we shopped, we cried, we had boba, it was a perfect day.”  Or, “These jeans? I found them when my husband and I went to this creepy estate sale in Texas where they had a whole room of dolls and the owner kept trying to get us to go out to the shed. They were only $3! Aren’t they chic?!” The story becomes part of the look.

Look 1

This sarong reminds me of summertime back home in Northern California. Maybe because it’s from Mill Street Antiques in Sonoma County, or maybe because Norcal has a natural laidback feel that pairs well with a sarong. To Southern California’s credit, I recently discovered this amazing thrift warehouse in Laguna Niguel called The Mercy Warehouse. I could spend hours there. I bought too many things to photograph, but one standout was this yellow Joe Boxer Pajama shirt. It’s fun to wear as a nightie, but throw on a sarong and you’re having a summer!

Look 2

I found this beige turtleneck at Savers in Arcadia, cut it into a crop top, and wear it with so many things. I love a monochrome look, so I like to mix it with these Urban Outfitters joggers and I’m a beige babe. But if I need to elevate the outfit from loungewear to dinner with friends, these white boots from Crossroads in Los Feliz make every outfit more interesting. Also, I never thought of myself as a cardigan gal, but this elegant green ditty presented itself at an estate sale and now it’s my go-to throw over piece.

Look 3

I thrifted this look while shooting on location in Boston. There’s an incredible vintage market on Sundays in South Boston called SoWa, and right next door is a fabulous farmers’ market, which is where I found this handmade corduroy fanny pack by Nonfiction Community. I was lucky enough to be in Massachusetts during Brimfield Antique & Flea—the Woodstock of flea markets! People flock from all over the country to shop miles of antique and vintage goods. I fell in love with these cherry embroidered jeans and vintage tee at @BelvedereVintage, though it definitely helped that a few teen girls walked by and said they loved my pants. My Veja sneakers were bought new, but I dig Veja as a company. They’re committed to transparency, ethical working conditions, and recycled materials. We love! 

Look 4

This jazzy printed mens dress shirt is from a flea market in Pisa, Italy! I wanted to wear something that could handle the heat, so I paired it with some classic black Levi’s shorts and this $5 water resistant bag from Out Of The Closet in Atwater Village. Something I learned while I was traveling last year is that they don’t have garage sales in Italy, or most of Europe. It’s a uniquely American pastime. But they do have flea markets galore, and no matter what you buy at an Italian flea market, it feels that much cooler because it has lived a sexy Italian life 🙂

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