Monday, June 5

All-Clad Sale: The Brand’s Signature Frying Pan Is Only $100 Right Now

All-Clad might be the hottest name in cookware. A stretch? Maybe. But even staunch non-cooks are probably familiar with the brand—and the sky-high price tags typically associated with it. So if you were about to ex out of this tab with disgust, don’t: the All-Clad factory sale is the perfect time to score the cookware of your dreams at wildly low prices, including its best-selling D3 frying pan set, which, at 66% off, brings its original price down to a delicious-sounding $100.

All-Clad D3 2-piece stainless steel frying pan set

If all that means nothing to you, let’s backtrack for a sec. The hype surrounding All-Clad largely stems from its OG status and ongoing commitment to quality—the brand literally invented bonded cookware, the multi-layered metal in their pots and pans that helps them heat up quickly and stay that way for even cooking. And if you’re worried about these being factory seconds, fret not. Some pieces may have a scratch or dent here and there, but All-Clad guarantees that no physical defects will affect their cookware’s performance. (And a lot of the time, the only problem is a bruised box.) All you have to do to access the sale is fork over your precious email information, which you would’ve done at checkout anyway.

If you’re not looking to buy the Holy Grail of cookware, you’re in luck (and are missing out, honestly): we rounded up a bunch of other smokin’ deals to shop this weekend.

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