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Angel on My Shoulder Movie Review

The film stars Paul Muni, Anne Baxter, Patricia Roc, and Paul Dupuis. All four are exceptional and well-suited for the roles. While Muni’s crude manners and homicidal attitude initially make the movie seem stale and uninteresting, he soon grows on you and transforms from a street thug to a polished jurist. However, his film career was never in the same class as it could have been, and he was not contented with the direction of the movie.

Paul Muni

The first part of the movie deals with the murder of Eddie Kagle, a former gangster, by his childhood friend and business partner Smiley Williams. After the murder, Kagle is sent to hell, where he meets Nick. Nick tries to entice Eddie Kagle to return to his body. When he is offered the chance to do so, Eddie accepts. He wishes to seek revenge on Smiley Williams for his death. Parker is not too happy with the outcome.

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As the devil and a con, Rains plays a passive aggressive demon with the power to manipulate and frighten human beings. However, Rains is no match for the angel that rides on Muni’s shoulder. Rains’s character can’t stop listening to the voice of good, but it can’t keep him at bay. This is an incredibly funny and romantic film.

While the film’s plot is very similar to Here Comes Mr. Jordan, Angel on My Shoulder is much more complex. In addition to its star-packed cast, it was also written by Harry Segall and starred Claude Rains. The movie also features legendary actors like Paul Muni, Anne Baxter, and Claude Rains. The film was also Mayo’s last movie before retiring.

While Paul Muni was the star of “Angel on My Shoulder,” he had to deal with a few difficult situations on set. During the production, Muni was hit by the flu. The studio electrician was found dead three hours later. Despite these challenges, the movie is an uplifting fantasy. A must-see for all movie buffs! If you’re not familiar with this classic film, it will be worth your time to watch!

Anne Baxter

The 1946 film Angel on My Shoulder is a charming fantasy drama with legendary actors. Paul Muni, Anne Baxter, and Claude Rains star in the movie and their performances are timeless. Anne Baxter plays Barbara Foster, a decent judge who is trying to stop the devil’s evil plans. The movie is also a nice throwback to the 1940s, when women were not as glamorous as they are now.

Rains’ character is a passive aggressive demon from the underworld. Rains knows how to manipulate weak human beings, but he’s no match for the angel perched on Muni’s shoulder. Rains eventually reveals his own weakness to Muni when he tries to seduce the judge’s fiancee, but the demon is defeated by the angel. This makes the movie more heartwarming and touching.

The film is filled with unexpected tragedies. The director, Paul Muni, suffered from a bout of influenza, but managed to finish the film. He then threw a party on the set to celebrate the movie’s completion. Three hours later, an electrician on the set found his dead body. These incidents all contributed to the movie’s abysmal ratings. So, the director should be commended for his efforts, and the film should be watched and re-watched.

Paul Muni leads a talented cast in this dark comedy. Eddie Kagle, an ex-gangster, is murdered by his trusted lieutenant. His soul is transferred to his body by Nick/The Devil, believing it will help him avenge his murderer. However, while acting in good for the judge, Eddie ends up falling in love with his fiancee. The movie is a fun watch for anyone who has experienced the underworld and has questions of morality.

Patricia Roc

Actress Patricia Roc made her name as an actress with popular roles in wartime costume dramas. She was the adopted daughter of wealthy stockbroker André Riese. Roc attended private schools in London, Paris, and RADA, but did not learn that she was adopted until 1949. Despite her star status, Roc remained true to herself, and continued to work as an actress and screenwriter.

After her marriage, Roc returned to England, where she made a few more films. She also made occasional appearances on television, including the first episode of The Saint. After the death of her husband, Roc married Walter Reif. She retired and moved to Switzerland. She died of kidney failure in 1964. Her son Michael Steel is named after the actor. Although she died of kidney failure, she was remembered fondly by her fans for her performance as the mother of Michael Steel.

Ronald Reagan returned from the war and his wife, Nancy Reagan, was already a fiercely ambitious woman. She was a bit bored with Reagan’s political ambitions, Screen Actors Guild involvement, and his obsession with Communism. She turned to a woman who was friendly and sexually attractive. She hoped that she could make her husband happy again. Roc and Reagan’s relationship ended up being a happy one for both of them.

Despite the tragic circumstances, Roc remained a popular actress in Britain. She made several films, and was a leading lady of the box office. In 1948, she appeared with her first husband, George Reagan, at the Royal Command Film Performance at the Odeon, Leicester Square. During that year, she became engaged to French lighting cameraman Andre Thomas, who became her second husband in 1949.

Paul Dupuis

This film follows the story of a blind girl named Margaret Lockwood, who falls in love with a French aristocrat named Paul Dupuis. But tragedy strikes when Margaret is struck blind, and the best doctors in the world decide that there is no hope. After the blindness, she turns into a nun, narrating her story in flashbacks, but she ends up hooking up with Dupuis again. In the end, she marries Dupuis.

Ralph Michael

It was hard to watch the movie without thinking about the dying man. The film sparked memories of my childhood in a small Italian town during the Second World War. As the man began to tell me stories of bombings, scarcity, and fear, I felt a sense of familiarity and awe. I’d probably heard these stories before, but they struck me with such emotional power. And it’s all true. The movie made me wish I could have been there.