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Apple Music Promotion Services

Apple Music is a platform for artists to distribute their music. It’s a great way to build your fanbase and network, and the more music you have on the platform, the greater your chances are of becoming successful. To keep your fans engaged, you should upload new music regularly. This way, your fan base will always have something new to listen to. How would you like to save 10% on real apple music promotion done by an expert? If so you’re in luck, we have a 10% off code to share with you. Use code gloom10 to get 10% off the 5 star rated service on UJober the freelance marketplace today. Visit for more details.


If you have an Apple music page, you can promote your music using an Apple Music promotion service. The service provides customizable features and promotional materials. You can choose which types of promotion you want for your tracks, and the service will determine the best way to promote them based on your target audience and genre.

If you are a new artist and you’re having trouble promoting your music, you can hire an Apple music promotion service. These services specialize in promoting new music, and they can help you with any aspect of the promotion process. They can help you with marketing and distribution, and even help you get your music on iTunes and Spotify.

First, you need to add your music to the Apple Music database. Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to claim your artist profile. Your bio should contain information about your music and upcoming gigs. You can also include links to your social media accounts. Another way to promote your music on Apple Music is to feature it in a playlist. Apple Music users can find new tracks through featured playlists and charts, and good playlist placement can increase your downloads and royalties.

Apple Music promotion also involves gaining star ratings. To become successful on Apple Music, you need to accumulate enough star ratings, which will help your songs reach the top charts. To do this, you can purchase star ratings from services such as GetAFollower. They are a great way to improve your reputation and attract new users.

Another effective way to promote your music on Apple Music is to place it on playlists curated by people who listen to your genre. Apple Music does not allow third-party curated playlists, so independent artists need to boost their followers to gain curators’ attention.

Buy Real Media

If you are looking to promote your music on Apple Music, you should consider using Buy Real Media. This company combines experience and expertise with a focus on your target market. Its services include Facebook likes, YouTube views, and Twitter followers. With the extensive list of features they offer, it is easy to see how this company can be a good fit for your promotion needs.

They are very reasonable in terms of costs, with a free trial period and a low monthly fee. They also accept tracks that are as cheap as $5 or $15. The service is reliable and will promote your music with minimal hassle. Just remember to send a link to your music on Apple Music.

Aside from the playlists, you can also advertise songs and albums using Apple Music. To do this, you can use an affiliate token to promote your content on the service. Once you have this badge, you can add it to your content pages. You can even choose what language and colour you want it to be displayed in. You can also use the badge to add to your marketing materials. You can copy the URL to your clipboard. However, remember to follow the Apple Music Identity Guidelines to use the badges correctly.

You can also purchase promotional materials to use in your Apple Music promotion. You can find the promotional tools and materials you need at UseViral. They have a good reputation in the industry and care about the reputation of their customers.


Soundplate is a platform for discovering new music. It’s completely free and easy to use, and it has a highly-trafficked playlist community. It’s not just another Apple music promotion service, though. The community is comprised of people who share their passion for music. There are even curated playlists, which feature new and emerging artists, and Soundplate also offers submission to those playlists.

Soundplate Clicks automatically adds pre-order links to your playlists. It then turns your pre-save link into a music smart link. You can even create pre-save campaigns. Soundplate Clicks can help you set up a pre-save campaign for free.

Soundplate also offers a music submission service, which allows you to submit your music to hundreds of playlists, or create your own. Its library is extensive and covers a wide variety of genres. You can preview each playlist before submitting a track. You are not responsible for track approval.

If you want your music to reach a larger audience, Soundplate is one of the best options. Its network includes some of the most popular blogs in the music industry. It also offers a free trial. The service will charge you a monthly fee, but it will also provide you with customized features for your music.

iTunes Exposure

If you’re interested in promoting your music on Apple’s digital music store, iTunes Exposure is a great option. This service has been around for over 10 years and has helped independent artists chart on iTunes. There are no hidden fees, and there is a clear and straightforward website that explains the services. With a little bit of upfront information, you can easily get your music heard and be discovered by many new listeners.

Using an Apple Music promotion service can help you get your music heard worldwide. These services provide promotional materials, tools, and services that are customized to your specific genre and stage of success. Apple Music Promotion Services help you promote your music through iTunes, YouTube, and Spotify. These services can help you spread your message and earn money while doing it.

Apple’s iTunes Exposure site has been in business for over a decade and has helped thousands of artists chart on iTunes. Many media outlets have written about it has won awards for its services. This service is a great option for both indie artists and big names alike. The company will promote your new album or EP in iTunes, get you on the charts, and generate press coverage.

iTunes Exposure offers artists an easy and free way to market their music on the website. It also has a newsletter feature that makes sharing track artwork and achievements easy. By sending out newsletters to fans who follow your music on Apple’s website, you can boost your music’s visibility far beyond Apple’s website.

Using iTunes exposure to promote your music on the Apple Music website is essential for independent and major artists alike. It’s a crucial step in the advancement of an artist’s career. Getting exposure on Apple Music will help you reach a global audience and help you get noticed in other music promotion platforms.