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Apple Store Employee Shares 4 Tricks to Upkeep Technology

An Apple Store employee took to TikTok to warn others about the causal behaviors that could spell ruin for your technology.

Leaning on her experience, she shared four key tips for preventing a desperate visit to the Apple Store. Her video has struck a chord with over 600,000 views as users resonate with her advice.

In the original video, user Karleigh (@karlitabonitaa) identifies herself as an Apple employee, who’s worked for the company for the past three years.

Her caption says she was inspired by the “things i’ll never do after working in the ER” trend—only now, it’s the Genius Bar version. 

@karlitabonitaa inspired by the Dr. “things ill never do after working in the ER” but make it tech #fyp #techadvice #applestoreemployee #apple #thingsillneverdo #thingsiwontdo #lessonslearned #computerbug #seattle #techworker ♬ original sound – ikarleigh

Karleigh’s first Apple trick is never leaving drinks or liquids near your devices while you’re working.

“And if I ever did get liquid in one of my devices, I’d never put it in rice,” she shares.

The second and third Apple tricks are remembering to periodically shut your computer off and clean the device. She emphasizes not just letting it die but fully powering it down all the way. Devices should also be regularly wiped down also kept out of unsanitary areas.

“Bugs will crawl into your charging port or USB port,” @karlitabonitaa claims. 

Her final suggestion is to never buy a counterfeit charger. Karleigh explains she’s not cautioning against third-party chargers, but instead low-quality products impersonating other technology. 

Many viewers on the platform were in disbelief, recognizing that they barely follow any of the Apple tricks. 

“I’ve been doing everything wrong,” one viewer wrote.

“I’ve had my computer on for like a year,” another user said.

Karleigh replied, sympathizing with the user’s tendencies. “HAHAHA you’re not alone,” she wrote. 

The Daily Dot reached out to @karlitabonitaa via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Jul 17, 2022, 2:30 pm CDT

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