Tuesday, February 27

Best-dressed NFL players in Week 8: Top looks, costumes ahead of Halloween

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It is the weekend before Halloween and many players were in the holiday mood. Ahead of the Week 8 games, some players decided to trade in their pregame fashion for costumes.

Every year there are players who go all out with costumes and this year was nothing new. From spooky, to funny, to just normal fashion fits and everything in between, here are some of the best looks across the league:

Lions star Aidan Hutchinson went as Sharkboy and committed to the costume, down to the hair. He even got approval from Sharkboy himself.

We repeat, it’s NOT A PHASE!

Best emo look goes to Graham Glasgow.

Packers wide receiver Allen Lazard went as … well, no one is entirely sure, but he certainly committed. 

The Joker was a popular costume this year. Cordarrelle Patterson brought out the purple trench coat for this look.

Jets linebacker Quincy Williams gave a convincing performance as the Joker. 

“What doesn’t kill you simply makes you stranger!” — The Dark Knight

Jets’ Garrett Wilson is in a costume of a Marvel superhero out of costume. It’s a clever way to get away with not really wearing a costume. 

Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow went as an orange, or he’s just rocking a bright monochromatic look, in Halloween colors, down to the shoes.

His other look was out of this world.

Group costumes are always fun and this one is inspired by anime villains.

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