Friday, June 9

Best PlayStation Plus Games To Play Right Now

It’s September, which means pumpkin-spiced lattes, an influx of Green Day memes, and a whole bunch of new games are coming to PlayStation Plus. Regardless of which subscription plan you’re on, there are plenty of games to download, stream, and enjoy; here’s what you can expect.

PlayStation Plus changed during summer 2022, going from one plan to three, with each plan offering various benefits including cloud saves, game trials, and, crucially, a bunch of games to download and play. If you have PlayStation Plus Premium, you’ve got hundreds of games at your fingertips, and if you’re suffering from choice paralysis, then have no fear, each month we’ll round up the new additions and guide you on what to play first.

First up are the new monthly games added to PlayStation Plus. You get access to these regardless of which PS Plus plan you have, all you gotta do is add them to your library and they are yours as long as your subscription is active. One of September’s offers is Need for Speed Heat for PS4, which pitsting you against the police as you climb your way up the ladder to become the best of the best at street racing. Earn resources to upgrade your cars by taking part in the Palm City Speedrunner Showdown during the day, and take part in street races by night to boost your reputation.

If you have the PlayStation Plus Extra or Premium plan, you can access the Game Catalog, as well as the Ubisoft+ Classics collection. First up, Deathloop for the PS5. Now, this one’s special for us here at GameSpot because not only did we give it a rare 10/10, but we also awarded it our 2021 Game of the Year. It’s the latest from Arkane Lyon, the developers behind Dishonored, and it has possibly the coolest premise for a game that we’ve ever heard.

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