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Blaidd’s Elden Ring Voice Actor Reacts To Your Thirst Tweets

A modified image of Blaidd's head placed on a man in a suit standing near the window of a studio.

“Oh? Fine. Time to douse your little flame.”
Image: Bandai Namco / Kotaku / RossHelen (Shutterstock)

It’s not easy when your pining for the superior, virtual men in your favorite video game goes unnoticed. But rarely, once in a blue moon, a voice actor will provide solace to fans by acknowledging your appreciation for their characters. Today fans of Elden Ring’s breakout furry husband Blaidd the Half-Wolf are eating well, as his voice actor not only read y’alls’ terminally down-bad tweets for the NPC wolfman, but leaned into them with gusto.

In a recent episode of BuzzFeed Multiplayer, Scott Arthur, the voice actor behind Blaidd set the record straight on how to properly pronounce the wolf-man’s name (it’s “Blithe”) and read some of y’alls’ best and worst thirst tweets.

“I know that he’s caused quite a stir in the furry world,” Arthur said, “which I didn’t know anything about until I looked on the internet.”

Arthur gave many thanks and said “goodness me’’ often throughout the nearly four-minute video. While Arthur’s embarrassment at reading comments about Blaidd being “thicc and hot” occupy its opening minutes, things took a turn for the better in the video’s latter half. It turns out Arthur is the best ambassador would-be Blaidd fuckers could hope for, happily co-signing strong pro-Blaidd propaganda and smooch-centric player ideas Elden Ring’s devs would be foolish not to jump on.

Arthur not only co-signed Blaidd being a certified DILF, he signal boosted a player’s request for series creator Hidetaka Miyazaki to add more sexy animal men in his games, and acknowledged that an Elden Ring dating simulator where you could kiss all the characters would practically print money.

Although most of the tweets Arthur read were as innocuous as a horny Twitter post could be for a 2D video game character, one tweet proved to be too much for even this adventurous-seeming voice actor to read aloud. Fans on Twitter are under the consensus that the tweet that made Arthur go “no way” might be this particular post begging to be bred with this “puppies.” If it’s true, 1) bold and 2) congrats on having your tweet acknowledged by Blaidd’s voice actor.

Overall, Arthur was a good sport reading the best and worst thirsty tweets Elden Ring fans had to offer, and went the extra mile by role-playing and providing some good sound bites for folks to embed into their AO3 Blaidd x reader fanfics.

“How did I feel reading those tweets? Warm, aroused, comforted, and very loved,” Arthur said. “Thank you to everyone who has shown the love and horniness for Blaidd.”


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