Tuesday, January 31

Celebrating our thriving business community

When Westerville’s business community wins, we all win. You may have heard this from any number of city leaders, including myself. We say it because it’s true.

Before I took on the role of assistant city manager, I spent nearly 13 years spearheading economic development in Westerville. That professional opportunity afforded me the ability to see Westerville through the lens that developers, entrepreneurs and business leaders see us. A community worth investing in.

Like other cities in Ohio, Westerville is primarily funded by income tax. Nearly 80% of our general fund comes from income tax dollars. Income is taxed at 2% with credit provided for the community in which you live. Anyone who works within corporate limits contributes to one quarter of one percent income tax, which is dedicated to Parks and Recreation (this is why the Westerville workforce may also receive the resident rate for programs and services).In Westerville, we celebrate all the wins our business community achieves. From milestone anniversaries like Safex, Inc., a woman-owned consulting firm focusing on occupational health, environmental and safety, celebrating 30 years this month, or Concord Counseling marking 50 years of mental-health support to the community.

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