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Dark Spaces & 4 More Graphic Novel Adaptations Coming From IDW Entertainment

They are set to adapt ‘Dark Spaces: Wildfire,’ ‘Rivers,’ ‘Ballad for Sophie,’ ‘Brutal Nature,’ and ‘The Delicacy.’

IDW Entertainment has partnered with Ánima Studios, Cartoon Network Studios, HBO Max, Universal Content Productions, Universal International Studios, and Warner Bros. Television to adapt 5 series based on graphic novels and comics, reports Deadline. The printed media the shows are based on will come from IDW Publishing and Top Shelf Productions. The TV shows will follow the following comics and graphic novels: Dark Spaces: Wildfire, The Delicacy, Rivers, Brutal Nature, and Ballad for Sophie.

Created by famed writer Scott Snyder, Dark Spaces: Wildfire is the first installment of the Dark Spaces series. The story follows a group of female firefighters who are tasked with fighting the Arroyo Fire in the California hills. As if fighting the fire wasn’t bad enough, the women must make the decision to stick to their job or chase money and a quick way out of their life struggles by entering the seedy underbelly of white-collar crime with the smoke and ash as cover. With the story brought to life by artist Hayden Sherman, Dark Spaces: Wildfire makes for a thrilling ride from beginning to end.


The Delicacy follows brothers Tulip and Rowan as they enter the high-stakes big-city restaurant business. Struggling to find their place in the culinary world, the Scottish duo finds a mushroom that draws in the London crowds. Now the only problem is how to grow more of the delicious fungi. Through this graphic novel, James Albon takes readers on a journey to how far someone could go for success.

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Rivers, by Dan Berry and David Gaffney, follows three protagonists who are all at different stages in their lives. All three are not connected in any way other than through a shared recurring dream.

Luciano Saracino and Ariel Olivetti’s Brutal Nature follows a young man whose mask collection transforms him into different monsters and beasts. He uses this ability to aid in the battle of the Mayan people against the Spanish Empire.

Ballad for Sophie is written by Portuguese musician Filipe Melo and artist Juan Cavia. The story follows a young journalist who encourages a hermit-like pianist to open up.

Speaking with Deadline, IDW Executive Vice President, Paul Davidson, spoke about the company’s decision to adapt the graphic novels and comics, stating:

The IDW and Top Shelf originals represent some of the most creative, artistic, and unique stories to hit the marketplace. Not only are we excited to share this amazing slate with the industry, but we are even more thrilled to join forces with these great partners to bring them to audiences. This is just the first step in tapping our robust library of originals and adapting them into compelling series, feature films, and podcasts with the industry’s leading storytellers and content creators.

With a focus on less mainstream comic and graphic novel stories, audiences will be excited to see new genres of stories on their screens. It’ll be a nice break from the more common superhero films that dominate the industry these days. Curious about the creators behind these stories? Here’s a Snyder interview from 2020’s NYCC:

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