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‘Days of Our Lives’ Episodes May Run Longer on Peacock | Entertainment

Like sands through the hourglass, your sands may just take a little longer to do whatever it is that sand does when it trickles (drains? falls?) through the hourglass because when Days Of Our Lives moves to Peacock, the show won’t be limited due to commercial time.

Days executive producer Ken Corday told Soap Opera Digest: “You will probably be getting more show content after February of next year because we don’t have to limit the show to 38 minutes with 22 minutes of commercial time.”

He went on to not that “on Peacock, with the [Premium] subscription, you get four minutes of commercial time [per episode], and with the higher [Premium Plus] subscription,” which fetches $9.99/month, “you get no commercial time. So, that’s good.”

Days Of Our Lives is one of the longest-running scripted television programs globally, and it’s been airing since 1965. It takes place in the fictional city of Salem. The daytime drama has aired for 57 years on NBC and now it will be moving to Peacock on September 12.

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Another benefit to having DOOL move to Peacock is that viewers will no longer have to DVR episodes to watch after they get off work, nor will their local television affiliate who airs the program cut in to announce breaking news. Longtime soap fans, remember when someone would record over VHS tapes of our favorite stories with something ridiculous like a football game? with Thanks to streaming, there is no danger of that!

You can watch episodes at any time, at your leisure, beginning September 12. All you need is internet access. And your Peacock subscription!

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