Thursday, November 30

Destiny 2 Tips and Tricks

The video game Destiny 2 is an online multiplayer game developed by Bungie and published for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. The game first released as a pay-to-play title in 2017 and was later made available for free. Here, we’ll cover some of the best tips and tricks for playing the game. Read on to discover what you should do in the first few weeks to enjoy the game to the fullest. Also, find out about the new Raid Lairs and the Season of the Forge.

Season of the Forge

The latest expansion to Destiny 2 went live today. Known as the Season of the Forge, it introduced the Black Armory, a new weapon foundry that is run by Ada-1. The new weapon frame quests require that you kill a certain amount of enemies within a specific amount of time. There is also a new raid, dubbed “Scorge of the Past.”

New weapons, armor, and cosmetic loot are available in Destiny 2’s Season of the Forge. The update also includes two free events for Destiny 2 players. These events will be held in December and February, and will provide players with a chance to unlock new items and unlock rare cosmetics. In addition, the new forge features new activities and raids. The Black Armory expansion also includes new weapons and armor, as well as an entirely new raid.

The new Forge activities in Destiny 2 are now available on the Director map. They are similar to Escalation Protocol but support matchmaking. Players must locate a glowing blue enemy and destroy it. This will drop a special orb. Throw the orb into the Forge in order to charge it. After a Forge has been fully charged, it will produce a pulse of light and start emitting a blue glow. Once the forge is fully charged, new waves of enemies will begin to spawn.

Curse of Osiris

The new expansion for Destiny 2 is called Curse of Osiris and includes nine new missions, two new strikes, and a new raid lair. The game’s Infinite Forest has a new advanced simulation that makes it feel much smaller than other Destiny 2 destinations. While the environment is beautiful, it’s not the most challenging Destiny 2 location. Curse of Osiris also has new level caps, bringing the total power level cap up to 335.

As with the original game, the Curse of Osiris expansion does little to improve upon the base game, but it does add new locations and weapons. Those who have played Destiny 2 for some time will probably enjoy it. However, if you’re new to the series, you’ll be disappointed by the Curse of Osiris’s lack of innovative content and gameplay modes.

The Curse of Osiris expansion is an incremental improvement over the game’s previous expansions. It adds a lot of new content, but it still fails to capitalize on the game’s time travel plot. In addition to adding new story missions, the expansion also adds some new weapon and armor sets, and a six-player raid activity. Despite its shortcomings, Curse of Osiris is still a worthwhile expansion for Destiny fans.

Raid Lairs

The first ‘raid lair’ in Destiny 2 is called Eater of Worlds. It is an annex of Leviathan and is a punishing challenge. In order to complete it, you’ll need patience. Unlike the main Leviathan challenge, the Eater of Worlds is shorter. It contains just one boss. You can complete it in about an hour. It is not recommended to start a raid before you’ve completed the main one.

The Eater of Worlds is the next raid lair in Destiny 2. This is the most difficult, with one boss and several puzzles. It can take several hours to complete, but with practice, it can be completed in about an hour each week. Once you’ve mastered it, you’ll be able to tackle it more quickly and efficiently. Raid Lairs in Destiny 2 have many different types, so make sure to practice completing them all before you jump in.

In the Eater of Worlds, players need to reach 300 power level in order to enter the raid. Players can get to this location from the Leviathan node. Once inside, they can follow the path that leads to the front gate. Once inside, they’ll find a chest. On the other side, they’ll find wave-defence combat. The boss in this raid is a purple one.

Power Level cap

The Destiny 2 power level cap is still in place for Season of the Lost, but the game has a sunsetting system. This means that the Power Level cap is reset three seasons after its implementation. Power Level caps for recent seasons and past seasons are pretty similar, but not exactly. If you’re looking to level up your character quickly, consider infusing your gear with an extra Power Level to reach the hard cap. There are many ways to boost your Power Level past the cap, including purchasing new gear and obtaining pinnacle drops.

You can also use world drops to increase your Power level. These are weekly drops you can collect from Director and are tied to the Witch Queen Expansion and 30th Anniversary Pack. They grant you gear with +6 levels of Power. If you’re looking for ways to level faster, consider speed levelling. This method is very beneficial in The Witch Queen story missions because you’ll be able to level up faster. Moreover, this method makes it easy to complete activities that require a lot of Power.


When it comes to PvP, Titans are the black sheep of the Destiny 2 family. As the last line of defense against the Darkness, they can punch things to death. Currently, there are ten subclass paths, each with their own benefits. In this guide, we’ll take a look at Titans, their subclasses, and which one you should choose. We’ll also discuss why Titans are good in PvP and how to play them effectively.

The Titan is a tank class with several exotic armor pieces. There are seven helmets and eleven gauntlets to choose from, each of which offers different perk and bonus to the Titan skill tree. Titans also gain overshields, including Sentinel Shield, which blinds your enemies. But the best Titan builds use the power of Exotics. So, how do you get a Titan Exotic?

When compared to other characters, Titans are more durable and can take a lot more damage. They also have more melee abilities than other classes, such as a Warlock or Hunter. Titans can improve their melee abilities with exotic pieces, making them more effective and versatile. This makes them excellent tanking characters, which can be beneficial in Crucible and Gambit. If you’re not sure which class is right for you, check out the Titan guide to find out more.

Titans dominate in PvP

While the Warlock is the clear favorite in PvP, Titans have risen to second place in the meta and have become essential in the PVE endgame. The titans have a unique combo of bubbles to drop on bosses and swords to hack them away. They have solid mob clearing effects in every sub-class, including Sunbreaker. However, Thundercrash doesn’t quite match the Hunter Golden Gun or Warlock Chaos Reach. Luckily, the Titans have several other benefits that make them one of the most effective classes in the PVE endgame.

Titans’ shields are their most powerful assets. They can support fireteams by giving them damage buffs and punching things to death. They have ten subclass paths, each with varying benefits. Learn to maximize your Titan’s shield by selecting the subclass path that best suits your playstyle. Once you’ve mastered the Titan subclass, you’ll be well on your way to dominating PvP.

Story missions

Destiny 2’s story missions are a core part of the game’s gameplay, and they allow players to advance the story of the game and unlock additional in-game content. They can be played on multiple difficulties, including Heroic and Classic, and they’re designed to be played solo or with up to three other players. There are also optional side missions that can be played with up to three players, and they’re generally optional.

The first of the game’s story missions takes place in the distant future, after a group of astronauts crash-land on Mars. The trio explore the surface of Mars, discovering an enormous spherical object in the sky. A narrator begins a narrative that introduces the Traveler, Darkness, and their past lives. After discovering the new world, the Traveler and his team deal with new threats from the Hive and Vex. Meanwhile, the Pyramid fleet has taken positions over Io, Mercury, and Saturn. A mysterious new villain named Savathun comes to try to contact the player’s Guardian, but she has no memories of her life before becoming a Guardian.

The Destiny 2 story missions are divided into four campaign arcs, each of which takes place during a different time in the game. Premium content players can continue on with the Beyond Light, The Witch Queen, and Cosmodrome campaigns, but the first campaign, Red War, is no longer available. It can be started from the Hangar, but it’s not available on the standard version. This is because the game’s developers want to maintain the quality of their campaign. The aforementioned missions are designed to be easy to complete, and players can also choose to skip them if they don’t have enough money to buy the expansions.


If you are looking to expand your deck in the Star Wars: Destiny card game, then you might want to purchase the Allies of Necessity draft set. This set contains twenty new cards that you can use to expand your pool and base your sealed events and drafts. It also gives you new options when it comes to constructed deck building. Here’s a closer look at these cards. They are a great addition to your deck.

First off, you’ll want to look at the different subtypes of these characters. Essentially, they correspond to the different classes. The Clawdite Shapeshifter, for example, is an Ally of Necessity, which means she will have the Chance Encounter ability. This skill grants you various benefits every time she spots a character. Interestingly, the Allies of Necessity characters will also have different subtypes.