Friday, June 9

Digital magazines are baby-friendly entertainment solution

When I was a child, I would wait eagerly by the mailbox many mornings, wondering if we would receive the monthly “Highlights” magazine for children that day. Our grandparents gifted us a subscription and I wanted to be the first one to read the issue before handing it off to my younger siblings.

Last week, my daughter asked me for resources she could bring with her on babysitting jobs to educate and entertain kids while keeping them off video games. When she asked what I liked doing as a child, “Highlights” immediately jumped to mind. 

I pulled up Herrick District Library’s website at and clicked on “Digital Library,” then “Just for Kids.” Under “Magazines for Kids,” I perused the options.

“Highlights” was available, but so was “National Geographic Kids,” “Animal Tales”, “Britannica,” “Astronomy for Kids,” “Storytime,” “Brilliant Brainz” and special publications like “Coding for Beginners” and” All About History: Ancient Egypt.”  

Digital magazines are a perfect solution for this babysitting need. Digital copies won’t end up chewed on by teething little ones. Enthusiastic children eager to see what the next page holds won’t tear pages. In my daughter’s case, multiple magazine issues for various age group audiences can be downloaded to a single device she can share with several families. 

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Digital magazines are available on both of HDL’s primary digital library resources, Hoopla and Libby. On Libby, magazines have no wait lists or holds, do not count towards checkout limits, and provide readers the option to renew their selections. Readers can also download magazines on Libby for offline use.

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