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Eagle Technologies exceeds $100MM in Mid-year Revenue Thanks to Keen Focus on Electric Vehicle and Battery Technology

Eagle’s engagement with automation technology, and specifically with material handling systems for EV batteries, spearheaded domestic manufacturing efforts. As a result, Eagle was one of the first automation companies to engineer and build EV battery production lines in North America.

The move into EV technology has proved a strategic success for Eagle. Prior to 2015, Eagle’s primary project market share lay in automotive powertrain. As of 2022, 25% of Eagle’s project market share is in electric vehicles, with a further 25% each in consumer products and medical, and the final 25% split between agriculture, aerospace, logistics, energy, and the military. Today Eagle is working on automation projects for nearly every leading Electric Vehicle automaker, and expanding its customer portfolio weekly as electric vehicle launches are increasing.

Much of Eagle’s success is due to its proactive response to the accelerated pace of technological change. From the outset, Eagle has been quick to respond to the latest evolution of manufacturing technology, known as Industry 4.0, which includes new production methods that incorporate high-tech capabilities into traditional manufacturing workflows. From advanced simulation to 3D printing to IIoT-enabled robots, Industry 4.0 is expanding manufacturing capabilities—and in the process solving problems for which previous technologies had no solution.

A prime example of Industry 4.0 technology in use is on display at Rockwell Automation’s Electric Vehicle Innovation Center. Each year, hundreds of technology decision-makers visit the facility in San Jose, CA in order to experience firsthand the capabilities provided by industry leaders. Eagle’s investment in the center was to build and install an Electric Vehicle Battery Demo machine, which employs all the latest technologies to create one of the most sophisticated automated test and load machines on the market.

While foresight and an eye toward innovation have certainly helped Eagle stay on the cutting edge of advanced automation, ultimately, Eagle owes its success to the expertise and professionalism of its employees. “Our people are dedicated, highly skilled, and committed to the customer,” says Brandon Fuller, Eagle CEO. “Their eye for excellence and persistent pursuit of quality is what keeps us performing at the peak of our industry.”

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