Saturday, April 13

EHR app taps into remote patient monitoring technology

Withings Health Solutions has announced its remote patient monitoring tech will be put into play by Athenahealth, a company offering electronic health record (EHR) solutions. As part of the arrangement, Athenahealth Marketplace users will be able to place standard orders for RPM services from the Athenahealth HER solution; Withings also will ship its cellular devices (such as the Body Pro scale and BPM Connect Pro blood pressure monitor) right to patient homes.

To learn more about the arrangement and how the technology can benefit clinical projects, Outsourcing-Pharma connected with Antoine Robilard, vice president of health solutions at Withings.

OSP: Could you please talk about some of the challenges associated with patient monitoring, in the age of surging popularity for DCTs?

AR: The pandemic was a catalyst for the growing adoption of remote patient monitoring and telehealth and while it has surged in popularity, challenges remain that can prevent its deployment at scale. It is true for DCTs just as much as it is for all use cases of remote patient monitoring.

There are a few challenges that we have identified throughout our work with various actors in the DCT and RPM industries: adoption, engagement, and retention. Mainly, how do you motivate the patient to take its first measurement and then to continue taking measurements regularly and for the long term? For this data to exist in the first place, patients need access to medical-grade health devices in the comfort of their homes that are easy for them to use and provide motivation for them to use every day.  

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