Monday, April 22

Emmys 2022: A Menswear Report

The Emmys have long been television’s biggest night, but since we’ve all been watching a hell of a lot more TV the last few years (while, in turn, Hollywood’s been making a hell of a lot more TV than it ever has), seeing all the actors who we’ve watched from the comfort of our own home get all dressed up to go accept awards for their work feels slightly more fun than usual. It also felt like the actors were having fun getting all dressed up, too, as evidenced by the relatively more offbeat fashion showing we saw at the 2022 Emmy Awards on Monday night.

We rounded up the biggest trends of the night—check them out below:

Distinguished Gentlemen in Deviant Shades

If you’ve been a successful Hollywood actor for more than a few decades, you’ve probably done the awards show song-and-dance enough times to learn a thing or two about how to field the flashbulbs while also looking put together. At last night’s Emmys, Bob Odenkirk, John Turturro, Michael Keaton, Tony Shalhoub—all distinguished actors of a certain age—let us in on their secret: wear the classic suit, but also throw on a pair of sunglasses.

(Bonus points if the sunglasses are also sort of freaky: Odenkirk, wearing a slick Dior Men suit, went for wraparounds well before Pete Davidson walked onstage in a pair at the end of the show…but more on that later.)

Flashbulbs aside, the Emmys also start around 4 p.m. Los Angeles time, when Mr. Sun is still very much up there in the sky—so opting for sunglasses on the red carpet is also, ultimately, a practical choice. That’s life experience, baby.

Bob Odenkirk


John Turturro

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

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