Saturday, December 10

First-ever inflatable wing sail technology is being mounted on a merchant ship

“This new step is a great multicultural experience and moments of diverse competencies sharings to contribute to an important cause toward maritime transport decarbonization.”

The project WISAMO (Wing Sail and Mobility) is being installed on the merchant ship, which was built in 1999, and is currently docked in Spain’s El Astillero Port.

The company claims that the prototype can be mounted on both commercial and recreational vessels. It is believed that by using wind energy, the technology may reduce fuel use by up to 20 percent per ship.

Industrial phase of the technology

The inflated, foldable and automated wing uses wind propulsion as an hybrid solution to reduce fuel consumption.

The wing sail system can be added during the design phase of the ship, as original equipment, or retrofitted on an already-in-service ship. It is suitable for ro-ro vessels, bulk carriers, LNG carriers, and tankers. It retracts for simple passage under bridges and into ports, according to the company.

The installation project is based on a collaboration agreement signed in June 2022 between Michelin and the Compagnie Maritime Nantaise-MN, a division of SOGESTRAN Group, with the purpose of testing the “pioneering solution” on a ship.

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