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Fort Wayne personal injury attorneys are based in the area. Whether you are in an accident or have suffered serious personal injury, a lawyer can help you obtain the compensation you need to get the medical care you need. The compensation you receive will also enable you to support yourself and your family.

Beers Mallers Attorneys at Law

If you have been injured in an accident, you will need the legal assistance of a Fort Wayne personal injury attorney. This law firm has been in practice since 1901 and is recognized as a leader in estate planning and personal injury. The firm is led by Peter G. Mallers, who has over 40 years of experience. Beers Mallers Attorneys at Law also practices in other areas of law, including employment, elder law, estate planning, and real estate.

Beers Mallers Attorneys at Law are a Fort Wayne firm with two offices in Indiana. The Fort Wayne office is located in LaGrange. The firm has an experienced team of attorneys. Derick Dobson is an associate attorney, focusing on commercial litigation, employment disputes, labor disputes, and personal injury. Amy Mallers has 13 years of banking experience, which allows her to understand the importance of building relationships. She is dedicated to providing her clients with the best possible service and strictly adheres to the FDCPA. She has also served as a hearing officer for the Fort Wayne Housing Authority, and is active in community organizations.

If you are seriously injured in an accident and would like to hire an attorney, you should consider visiting the website of Beers Mallers Attorneys at Law. The site contains general information about the firm, but it does not contain specific information about their services. The website may not contain the latest information on legal matters, and Beers Mallers Attorneys at Law cannot be held responsible for damages of any kind.

Bowman & McEntee Attorneys at Law

Mike McEntee has practiced law in Fort Wayne for more than 30 years and has built his practice on client referrals. He believes that clients choose him because they like and trust him. As a result, they often refer his practice to their friends and family.

Bowman & McEntee Attorney at Law is a Fort Wayne personal injury law firm that represents injured clients. They are experienced and knowledgeable about the law, and can help you get the compensation you deserve. They handle a variety of cases in personal injury law, including auto accidents, slips and falls, and many other types of accidents.

When you are in an accident, you will probably be dealing with medical bills for months or even years. Many injuries require ongoing treatment, including rehabilitation and physical therapy. All of this adds up quickly, and the bill can seem unfair. With the help of a qualified Fort Wayne personal injury attorney, you can get the financial help you need to pay off your medical bills.

Andrews & Crell Attorneys at Law

Andrews & Crell Attorneys at law are Fort Wayne personal injury attorneys who represent individuals throughout the community. They assist clients with personal injury lawsuits, helping them get compensation from the insurance company. They also handle business disputes, contract issues, and business formation. Their team of attorneys has over 65 years of combined experience and can help you with your case.

Personal injury law encompasses a variety of types of injury cases, from auto accidents to those caused by faulty products. A personal injury lawyer can help establish who is to blame for an injury, determine the value of the claim, and discuss your legal options.

Travis J. McConnell Attorneys at Law

If you’re looking for an attorney who will work tirelessly to get you the compensation you deserve, Travis J. McConnell is the personal injury lawyer for you. He has years of experience recovering compensation for his clients, and has won millions of dollars for them. He is licensed to practice law in both Indiana and Florida.

Travis McConnell has a background in law and is a member of the Indiana State Bar. He was also active in Moot Court during law school, and received an Order of the Barristers. He was then accepted to Stetson College of Law, where he participated in advanced trial skills courses. The school is routinely ranked among the best law schools in the nation for trial advocacy.

Delventhal Law Office LLC

Personal injury lawyers in Fort Wayne, Indiana, can help you get the compensation you need after an accident. Full compensation is important because it can help you afford medical treatment and support your family. If you or a loved one has been injured, you can turn to Delventhal Law Office LLC for assistance.

Delventhal Law Office LLC is a Fort Wayne personal injury law firm that specializes in medical malpractice cases involving car accidents. However, the attorneys at the firm handle a variety of other cases as well. The firm also handles cases related to nursing homes and slip and fall accidents. The firm has represented mothers who have suffered from anesthesia errors, children who have suffered from maternal shock, and victims of wrongful death during childbirth.

The law firm of Delventhal, Baker & Ainsworth LLP has over 50 years of combined experience in personal injury law. The firm represents injured patients in medical malpractice cases, and the attorneys at Delventhal Law Office LLC work with medical professionals and insurance companies to reduce costs and ensure favorable outcomes for their clients. Additionally, they handle slip and fall and defective product cases.

For people injured in a car crash, medical bills can start piling up quickly. In addition, many injured individuals are unable to work while they are recovering from their injuries. This can cause a decrease in income, resulting in an overwhelming amount of unpaid bills. It is vital to hire a Fort Wayne personal injury attorney who is familiar with the Indiana legal system and knows how to handle insurance companies.

Kirby Moss Law

The attorneys at Kirby Moss Law have been practicing law for over 30 years. They specialize in personal injury litigation and vehicular accidents, helping injured plaintiffs recover compensation from the at-fault party. They also handle bankruptcy law and elder law. Their firm is located at 9604 Coldwater Road in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

The firm is based in Fort Wayne, Indiana and has four offices throughout the state. Personal injury cases are their main focus, but they also handle a wide variety of cases, including employment discrimination, bankruptcy, and criminal defense. Clients can expect to receive personal attention and representation from their Fort Wayne personal injury attorneys.

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