Monday, February 26

Hang On, Is This Mets Outfielder Playing in Prada Shades?

When it comes to fashion, and probably also a handful of other things, baseball tends to stick to convention. For decades, most ballplayers stuck to nylon necklaces of dubious health benefit and extraterrestrial wraparound sunglasses. In recent years, though, players have really taken advantage of the league’s relatively high tolerance for accessorizing, making delightfully icy chains de rigueur during games. And these days, it’s difficult to be a public-facing, big-money-making professional athlete and not feel at least a little compelled to flex on the field, especially when players from other sports are doing it so well.

Cue New York Mets outfielder Mark Canha, who’s taken to wearing a pair of mirrored Prada sunglasses to fight off fly-ball glare. Fans noticed the shades during his postgame interview with SNY’s Steve Gelbs on Monday, after the Seattle Mariners bested the Mets 8-7, though Canha himself confirmed on social media that he also wore them on the field that night. He wore the same pair during an April 21 game, when the San Francisco Giants beat the Mets 6 to 2, leaving it up to speculation whether this is a case of bad luck or just low-grade Metsiness.

The shades, which appear to be the PS 01XS style with red mirror lenses from Prada’s sporty Linea Rossa line, feel like an upgraded nod to baseball’s signature wraparound shades. (These days, nothing dorky can stay that way for long: sporty performance shades have already had a fashion moment.) And as former Atlanta Braves player Joc Pederson demonstrated last year, fashion belongs in the outfield—and Canha, a relatively low-key but well-liked player who’s spent most of his career in Oakland, feels like a good candidate to take up the torch. And while a pair of Prada sunglasses feels relatively innocuous compared to Pederson’s string of pearls, every trendsetter has to start somewhere.

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