Tuesday, November 28

Harry Styles Is a Date-Night Style God

At this point, Harry Styles has a maneuver for every occasion: the grail sweater for late-night television, the jaw-dropping dress for magazine covers, the Formal Pajamas for a music video. Now, Styles is showing off expertise in another discipline: date-night style. What to wear when you’re going out, and hoping to “share smooches,” as Page Six so elegantly puts it? Look no further than Styles and his pinned-back hair—optimizing the landing zone for those smooches—and a skin-baring lacy one-of-a-kind shirt from Bode.

New rule: if you have a hot date, nothing is sexier than a sorta-revealing crochet top. It’s the answer to the pressing question: how do I wear just enough while safely clearing the no-shirt-no-service dictum? And while the star of the lacy top is shining brighter than ever in the menswear world right now, we typically see them styled with a shirt underneath. My two cents: if you’re going to wear a crochet shirt, don’t do the half-measure undershirt. Be like Harry—go for it.

The crochet shirt is just one part of the equation here, though. Styles shows a samurai-level of mastery balancing out the rest of this fit. Somehow, he hits all the right trends at once: homespun top, oversized pants, and casual-Friday Vans Authentic shoes. (A good reminder that whether you’re after Adidas Sambas, Styles’s Authentics, or the latest New Balance, there’s no need to overpay for shoes in 2022.) Everything fits beautifully into place. This is the pinnacle of Hot Date Style.


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