Tuesday, September 26

Here’s why the Seahawks passed on Malik Willis and other 2022 QB prospects in the draft, per report

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The Seahawks are not planning to trade for more quarterback help, even after dealing Russell Wilson this offseason. And they don’t regret passing on QBs in the 2022 NFL Draft. General manager John Schneider previously downplayed the ability of this year’s rookie QB class to excel in the pros. Not only that, but Seattle believed Liberty’s Malik Willis, a dual threat frequently linked to them as a potential Wilson successor, was “nowhere near NFL-ready,” according to ESPN.

A consensus favorite to go in the first round, Willis ended up sliding all the way to No. 86 overall, where the Titans selected him. Most teams, then, seemingly agreed with the Seahawks’ reported assessment: that Willis, while talented, lacked the pro-style experience to warrant a premium investment at the position.

“It’s hard for rookies,” Schneider said, per ESPN. “It’s very hard on rookies to come in here and (compete right away). You have to have unique, unique qualities … Continuously throughout the draft, it just didn’t fall the right way for one reason or another.”

Still, Seattle’s apparent aversion to Willis — and the other 2022 QB prospects — is notable, not solely because of Willis’ athletic upside but because of the team’s ongoing question marks under center. With reportedly tepid interest in veteran options like Baker Mayfield, the Seahawks are set to enter the 2022 season with backup Geno Smith and former Broncos second-rounder Drew Lock competing for the top job.

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