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Honors College Faculty Equipment and Technology Grant Applications Due Sept. 30

Khawla Alharbi

Dr. Adnan Alrubaye demonstrates the use of the incubator shaker to undergraduate Honors students Jaren Hernandez and Wesley Vaught

You have a brilliant idea that will provide solid research experience for an honors student in search of a thesis topic — but need nationwide data so your student can crunch the numbers. Or perhaps a very small (and very pricey) lens will support a new line of undergraduate inquiry in your lab. The Honors College can help.

U of A faculty members are encouraged to apply for the Faculty Equipment and Technology Grants. 

These grants are designed to help clinical, tenured and tenure-track faculty purchase specialized equipment or technology to advance undergraduate research at the U of A. Grants will be awarded once per fiscal year; this year’s application deadline is Sept. 30. Starting this year, requests for up to $7,500 will be considered.

The Honors College launched the new Faculty Equipment and Technology Grants in 2016 and has awarded more than $475,000 to date. Faculty members have used grant monies to purchase materials ranging from a world-class, cutting-edge petroleum dataset to a machine that can be used to develop new technologies for counterfeit detection in jewelry, apparel, art, drugs and more.

This year up to $80,000 in grant funds will be awarded.

For details on how to apply, please visit the Honors College Faculty Resources page of the Honors College sharepoint site. You may be prompted to login using your UARK credentials when visiting this site. Please submit your application here.

The grant is funded by a portion of the $300 million gift made by the Walton Family Charitable Support Foundation in 2002. The grants are designed to help tenured and tenure-track faculty, individually or in teams, purchase specialized equipment or technology that will make a transformational difference in their undergraduate research programs. For more information visit the Honors College website.

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