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How to Create Unbreakable Leadership with Michelle Snow » Succeed As Your Own Boss

Michelle Snow is a seasoned business coach who helps small business owners achieve “championship-like” success. She is a Philanthropist, Award Winning Trainer, Speaker, and Executive Consultant who helps her clients grow their leadership to grow their businesses.  She is CEO of Grow with Snow, a Professional & Leadership Development firm based in Philadephia. PA. After recovering from a diagnosis of Sarcoidosis, Michelle has dedicated herself to coaching and mentoring young and mature entrepreneurs to live their dreams. Michelle has been featured in FORBES, The Philadelphia Inquirer, the Ladder, and many other media outlets. Michelle’s passion is best expressed in her personal mantra, “Grow Together”.

I am joined today by Michelle to discuss the role of leadership in business, and how to become an unbreakable leader. We talk about some of the qualities needed to be a great leader, why the role plays such a big part in business, and what it looks like to be an effective leader. Michelle shares with us what an unbreakable leader is, and how it is essential to be flexible but not at the expense of your own well-being. We also talk about the difference having a coach, or preferably a network of coaches, can make and how to find quality, trustworthy coaches.

“It’s okay to bend. It’s okay for you to become, and feel, a little disjointed. That is a part of the process.” – Michelle Snow

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 Unbreakable Leadership with Michelle Snow

This week on SmallBizChat Podcast:

  • Why is leadership so important?
  • What makes a great leader effective?
  • What is the God factor?
  • Does every small business owner need a coach?
  • What to look for in a coach

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