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How to Curate the Ultimate Fall Beauty Lineup, According to an Astrologer

I’ll be honest. I’d never really considered incorporating astrology into my beauty routine in any way until I chatted with astrologer Susan Miller. With celebrity fans including Emma Roberts, Jennifer Aniston, and Jessica Alba, and a wildly popular monthly zodiac predictions website, Astrology Zone, under her belt, I trust her guidance wholeheartedly. Luckily for us, Miller has partnered with Brandshare to release an astrology-based beauty box, which was created with people’s individual signs and elements in mind.

Naturally, because I’m a beauty- (and astrology-) obsessed editor, I had a few questions for Miller about her process. I definitely had to know how she goes about selecting products for water, earth, fire, and air signs. That way, I could relay the information and keep it in the back of my mind when curating my own skincare routine. Miller happily filled me in on how to select the right products for your sign. She didn’t stop there, either. She even gave us a peek at the astrology forecast for the months ahead and how it can effect your beauty routine. Read on for what she had to share.

To kick things off, Miller gave us a look at the months ahead and how they could influence your beauty shopping.

We are going into a spectacular holiday season when Jupiter and Neptune (both rule Pisces) will be in Pisces for the only time in our lifetime. Here’s why—once Neptune exits Pisces in 2025, Neptune won’t be back to Pisces along with Jupiter in Pisces (as we will have in November and December) until 2188. Jupiter orbiting with Neptune is a highly artistic placement that encourages new product introductions of perfume, makeup, and skincare. It also brings a proliferation of lyrical poetic events and experiences. Just in time for the holiday festivities, Jupiter will enter Pisces on October 27 but will get extra strong the day prior to Thanksgiving (November 23) until Jupiter leaves to go to Aries (December 20). This holiday season should be enchanting and romantic this year.”

Now is the perfect time to change it up. If you’re interested in adding a few new things to your repertoire for fall, see what beauty items Miller says to prioritize and what she would add to your cart for the coming months below.

If you’re an air sign, prioritize products that are cutting-edge, professionally backed, and even those that are a little bit out of the box. Miller describes air signs as open-minded, adventurous, and lovers of the latest and greatest technology. “At the same time, although they are joined by strong similarities—a talent for communication—each sign within that category is unique,” she says. 

“Gemini reads reviews, looks at social media, and stays on top of trends—they’re definitely early adopters. Libra likes to debate the pros of each product and likes to read the reviews. Being a highly social sign, Libra asks friends about their favorites. Aquarius is very science-based and wants to know more about the ingredients and new technology that went into the product. Aquarius wants to know what makes the product new and different. Aquarius sees no need to buy a classic product when technology has advanced since that product was made—this sign wants to know what’s being developed now.”

Fire signs are usually up for anything, so it only makes sense they would have a beauty routine filled with adventurous products. “Aries cares about hair products above all other beauty products,” says Miller. “Nothing goes right when Aries is having a bad hair day. This is the sign of the entrepreneur, and they usually head up a company or an important team—they are busy, so they don’t want a complicated routine. Leo wants a luxury brand with top-of-the-line ingredients. [They] want to see elegance, sophistication, and refinement. Sagittarius travels a great deal, so they often need products that will give double usage. Travel sizes are good for Sagittarius, as they also don’t like lugging heavy jars through airports.”

If you’re a fire sign, take a chance and change up your routine. If you’ve never tried a self-tanning (and bronzing) mist or an exfoliating body cream, now is the time! Tap into your adventurous spirit.

Practical earth signs want to see results—it’s that simple. That means prioritizing products that are extremely effective and will work in the long-term. Many earth signs are also fans of clean beauty.

“They understand that it may take weeks [or months] to see a difference when using a skincare product,” Miller shares. “Earth signs also like to know that the product is organic, nurturing, and cruelty-free—especially Virgo. (Virgo rules small domestic animals.) Taurus is the most sensual of the earth signs, and so the slip and feel of the cream, the texture of the exfoliant, and the delicacy of the scent of the product will matter to this sign. Capricorn cares about the price-value equation and any past history they’ve had with the brand but will also be open to making a new relationship with a brand if they are impressed with the results.”

Water signs are suckers for a good fragrance. They’re also the ones most likely to go for intricate packaging. “Water signs are the most instinctive and make decisions not only on the quality and promise of the product but also on the design of the box, product, the fonts, colors, and scent (if any) used to create the mood of the product,” Miller explains. “They want to see that the manufacturer of the product cared and tried hard to create a polished result. The producer of that beauty product speaks to water signs in code, and the water signs are excellent at picking up that coded message.”

Per Miller’s advice, water signs will love items from playful brands like Vacation, whose products smell like an actual getaway in a bottle. If you develop an obsession with the brand’s Mineral Lotion, try its eau de toilette spray ($60) in the same scent.

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