Thursday, April 25

I Just Tried Every Trinny London Makeup Product—Here’s My Honest Review

It’s easy to assume that, as a beauty editor, I enjoy experimenting with makeup. However anyone who knows me well will tell you that my everyday makeup routine is actually fairly low-key, minimal, and natural-looking. Now don’t get me wrong, given the opportunity and the occasion I will still dabble with a bright eyeliner, a smoky eye, or a full-coverage base, but on the whole, I do tend to play it safe and stick to products that simply serve to subtly enhance my natural features.

For this reason I do tend to gravitate towards brands that lean into a similar aesthetic—one that’s all about fresh, radiant, natural-looking skin. The likes of Laura Mercier, Merit, and Refy are amongst my go-to makeup brands, and you’re more likely to find lightweight skin tints, cream blushes, and brow gels in my makeup bag than a 20-shade eyeshadow palette or a thick cream foundation.

Trinny London makeup review

Another brand that I know I can rely on for minimalist makeup pieces is Trinny London. Founded by Trinny Woodall in 2017, the brand caters towards the person who wants simplicity and ease, with enough product range to cover the basics (and beyond) of the average makeup routine. Its products feel more grown up and premium than many of those on the market right now, while remaining reasonably priced and innovative when it comes to packaging design and formulation.

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