Saturday, November 26

If you’re looking for live entertainment don’t forget the local High Schools – Cache Valley Daily

Chris Rasmussen from Logan High School talks with KVNU For the People host Jason Williams.

LOGAN — There are many choices when it comes to entertainment in our area high schools.

On KVNU’s For the People program on Monday, Chris Rasmussen from the Logan High School’s Fine Arts Department said their big production right now is the Broadway musical “Big Fish”, which wraps up with one final performance Tuesday night. Show time is 7p.m.

He said it is the story of a father-son relationship.

“It starts out with getting ready for the wedding, and the Dad’s kind of really laid back, and the son’s all crazy about, nervous about it. But all his life the son has heard his Dad tell stories which seem a little far-fetched, and he’s like, who is my Dad really! Because they are all stories about him, Dad was in the Army but he was a hero in the Army, Dad was this hero here, his Dad did these crazy things here, he had a mermaid for a friend and all this kind of stuff,” he explained.

When it comes to their music and theatre departments, quite a few students have enjoyed further success.

“There’s two up at Utah State teaching drama and there’s one that’s actually on Broadway right now doing her thing. There’s more, just three examples right now that I can think of. And it’s been many years, for example, Dennis Hassan’s up at Utah State, but he’s a Logan High graduate.”

Rasmussen said the students are amazing what with not a whole lot of prep time, put on professional performances whether on stage or in the orchestra pit.  You can get tickets at

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