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I'm Bicontinental—5 Things That Are Cool Enough for Both New York and Paris

Who doesn’t love a fashion person who walks the line between living in New York and Paris? Xenia Adonts is a fashion influencer and icon who strikes the perfect balance between her love for both cities. While many people think she lives in Europe due to her constant travel schedule, she actually calls New York City home and visits her Paris apartment often. With her unique sense of style that we consider to be a mix of Scandi girl and Blair Waldorf, Adonts has captured the admiration of style enthusiasts and brands in any continent, proving that style knows no international borders. We sat down with her to discuss her brand Attire and the wardrobe staples she can wear in any city.

Tell us about Attire.

I started the brand at the end of 2019 after receiving a lot of offers to co-design for other brands. I wanted to really give my input, and they never gave me the freedom to pick the fabric that I would like to use or  the right factory, and it always rubbed me the wrong way. I always blew off these collaborations, and one day, I decided to just start my own brand. 

I want to improve how clothing is made. I want to be conscious about the fabrics we use. It was really important to have zero polyester because I realized that even recycled polyester is not good. 

When I started, I thought that people are much more into sustainability and transparency. The reality is it’s still a long journey, but we’re focused on maintaining our values—quality, sustainability, transparency.

What was the first piece that you designed for the collection that you felt strongly about?

I never designed. I’ve always been the creative director, which is important for me to point out. Our first hit was our trench coat that we launched in 2021, and up to this day, it’s still a best seller. I just knew I wanted an oversize trench coat that I could throw over anything. I knew which details I wanted, and that was our first big item.

How have your travels inspired the work that you’ve done?

Travel is one of my biggest sources of inspiration. Every city has such a different personality in terms of fashion and the people you see in the streets. I’m always looking, and every city is so different. New York is so different from Paris. Paris is so different from Germany, but I get inspired by every city, so I take pieces from each of them.

You have apartments in New York and Paris. How does being bicontinental inspire what you buy?

Both cities are so different, yet they have something cosmopolitan that connects both, so there’s a branch throughout both. New York is a bit cooler, edgy, and modern in a way. Paris is more timeless. It’s more feminine. I take the best of both cities and try to make them into one.

Can you name five items we should shop if we want an outfit that looks good in New York and Paris?

The fabric is so strong. It almost has a silky vibe to it. It’s also an item that gives you a lot of space, so you have a lot of freedom to move. You can layer it with chunky knits, but it’s a cool oversize piece when you just wear a minidress.

I love freedom. It’s one of my core values, so I love a blazer that’s not restricting. I want the freedom of movement, so I added space in the shoulder area to ours.

I have to mention boyfriend jeans because they always look effortlessly stylish. They are also super comfortable for running around big cities.

When it comes to fall, the climate is pretty similar in both cities. A structured coat quickly becomes an easy choice for colder days!

I absolutely live in my chunky cardigan this time of year. It’s great for that cozy fall vibe and can be worn both inside and outside.

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