Saturday, March 2

Is hope alive in today’s politics?

“In the Arena” is a podcast for Mainers interested in a deeper understanding of the political issues facing our state, featuring former TV anchor/reporter Pat Callaghan, former Republican state Sen. Phil Harriman and former Democratic Portland mayor Ethan Strimling.

This week, on the final episode of “In The Arena,” Pat, Ethan and Phil dive into whether a positive message of hope is possible in today’s Republican Party and whether Gov. Mills did a good job with her commission investigating the deadly shootings in Lewiston.

Then they bring back a listener favorite, “Newsworthy or Snoozeworthy,” in which they take on some of the topics of the day, including CMP crowing after their win over Pine Tree Power, Donald Trump officially submitting signatures to be on the Maine ballot, and Portland Mayor-elect Mark Dion saying consensus is not his goal.

They tally up all the predictions Phil and Ethan made so far and determine a winner. And finally, Pat tells a story about how Bill Cohen likely saved the life of his good friend Don Carrigan.

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