Saturday, March 2

Jackson Police receive new technology to make car chases safer

The Jackson Police Department introduced a new technology Friday identified as a Guardian-HX Handheld GPS Launcher designed by StarChaser. The new tech provides law enforcement with the ability to tag and track a suspect’s vehicle without the need to engage in a high-speed pursuit. 

The electronic-based launcher comes equipped with a foregrip laser sight pressure switch calibrated to shoot 30 feet on-target, a 54mm GPS loaded round, a removable and rechargeable battery mag, and a green laser sight. 

There have been 25 launchers delivered to the JPD. Deputy Chief Vincent Grizzell said he hopes within the next month to complete certification training for the new device.

Deputy Chief Vincent Grizzell said the tool is expected to enhance the effectiveness of the police force in combating crime and ensuring the safety of the community. 

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