Friday, February 23

King Song electric unicycles are a fire risk, government warns

Some electric unicycles may be unsafe due to the risk of fire, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission warned. 

The federal agency is urging owners of the King Song electric unicycle model number KS-16S to get rid of them at a recycling or household hazardous waste drop-off site. 

The CPSC knows of one fire related to the unicycles that resulted in smoke inhalation injuries to two people and substantial property damage to a commercial building, it said on Tuesday. 

The agency tested the product and determined the battery pack can overheat and catch fire.

Made by King Song Intell Co. of China, the unicycles are imported and sold by companies including EWheels of Miami Beach, Florida, according to the federal safety agency. 

King Song and EWheels have refused to recall the product, the CPSC said.

Masked protester on unicycle at night
A protester juggles while riding an electric unicycle during a Black Lives Matter protest on August. 2, 2020 in Portland, Oregon. 

Nathan Howard/Getty Images

The potentially dangerous unicycles have “King Song” printed on their pedals, and come in white, silver, matte black or black. Each has a black tire and multi-colored lights that light up when in use. The serial number of the affected unicycles begins with “KS16S.” 

The unicycles are currently being sold for between $1,200 and $1,350 online at and other retailers. 

While the word “unicycle” likely conjures images of a funny-looking contraption ridden by a clown or someone in a top hat, the battery-powered version looks more high tech, and goes further and faster. 

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