Monday, October 2

Lo Bosworth’s Beauty and Wellness Staples


Original illustration by Ally Quirk

After struggling with health issues, and having few resources to turn to, Lo Bosworth knew she had to take matters into her own hands. So, she did. She created Love Wellness, a personal care brand built on a simple idea: to help women care for themselves in the best way possible. “I started Love Wellness because there wasn’t any innovation in the personal care space happening back in 2015-2016 that better addressed my combined gut and vaginal health issues (the gut and vagina are on the same axis, so problems with one typically explain an issue with the other),” she says. “I had to go to so many different doctors to finally understand my gut health played a huge role in vaginal health and virtually no company was making women’s wellness products that took a simple but effective approach with probiotics, boric acid suppositories, and personal hygiene products made without ingredients that can cause chronic health issues like UTIs and yeast infections.” 

As she puts it, “what we have been taught about how to take care of our bodies isn’t always the safest or healthiest approach.” That’s why she created a set of strict standards for every product to meet. “Eliminating certain products like douches is common knowledge now, but did you know the fragrance in your bar soap can be responsible for vaginal health issues as well? It’s those types of tidbits that we incorporate into our product development to make the safest, most effective personal care products available for women.”

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