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Lord Of The Rings Dwarvish And Elvish Keyboards Revealed, Cost $170 Each

The first-ever officially licensed The Lord of the Rings keyboards have been announced, and they’re available to preorder now. Drop, makers of mechanical keyboards, has announced a collaboration with Middle-earth Enterprises for a full-blown Lord of the Rings keyboard set meant to celebrate the fantasy series.

Drop already released a Lord of the Rings keycap set, but these are full keyboards–there are two, themed around Elves and Dwarves. “Both keyboards reflect the saga’s intricate details and iconic imagery, with the Dwarvish keyboard’s design based on the Doors of Durin while the Elvish keyboard’s design features a stylized version of the Two Trees of Valinor,” reads a line from the press release.

“The Dwarvish and Elvish keyboards also feature Dwarvish and Elvish characters on the keycaps, allowing users to express themselves in these masterfully created intricate languages.”

Drop’s new Lord of the Rings mechanical keyboards

The keyboard sets are built with “premium materials for an enthusiast-level look and feel,” the company said. They come with the previously released MT3 Lord of the Rings keycaps. They also include keycaps for traditional English characters, in case things get too confusing.

The Dwarvish and Elvish keyboards are up for preorder now, priced at $170 each. The keyboards are expected to arrive by early October, not long after Amazon’s Rings of Power series premieres.

The eight-episode first season of The Rings of Power premieres September 1 on Prime Video with two episodes to kick things off. The remaining six will debut each Friday until Season 1 ends on October 14.

In other Lord of the Rings news, Grand Theft Auto company Take-Two recently announced that its Private Division unit is making a Lord of the Rings video game with Weta’s gaming division.

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