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‘ManningCast’ schedule 2022: Dates, games, how to watch alternate broadcast with Peyton and Eli Manning


The Manning brothers are back in the NFL — not on the field but in the booth, where Peyton and Eli are teamed up for the second season of ESPN2’s alternate “Monday Night Football” broadcast. Commonly referred to as the “ManningCast,” the production became a regular topic during its 2021 debut not only for its celebrity hosts but for the apparent curse it put on weekly player guests.

As the 2022 season unfolds further, when can you watch the “ManningCast”? And how many games will the Manning brothers be on the air in total? Here’s everything you need to know:

Is the ManningCast still on in 2022?

Yes. “Monday Night Football with Peyton and Eli” is scheduled for a second season through the fall. Like 2021, the “ManningCast” will be available during 10 different games.

Which games will the ManningCast cover?

Here’s the lineup, per ProFootballTalk:

How can I watch the ManningCast?

All 10 “ManningCast” games will be broadcast on ESPN2, while four will also appear on ESPN+. Subscribe to fuboTV (try for free) for streaming access to ESPN throughout the season.

Will the ManningCast also return in 2023?

That’s the plan. ESPN originally struck a three-year deal with Peyton Manning’s Omaha Productions company to produce the “ManningCast,” but that deal got a one-year extension in February, meaning Peyton and Eli are contracted to run the show through the 2024 NFL season, covering 10 games per year.

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