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Mattel Announces WWE’s Comic-Con Exclusive, And It’s No Holds Barred

San Diego Comic-Con is right around the corner, and like ever year, Mattel has something very special planned for its WWE line. The Comic-Con exclusive collectibles this year celebrate the 1989 classic movie No Holds Barred, and the images released for the toys are a must-have for any WWE fan.

Coming in at six-inches tall, the two-pack features TrueFX detail, which gives the sculpts for these figures life-like detail. The set features Hulk Hogan as Rip, in his trademark blue outfit, and Tom Lister who plays Zues. Each figure contains more than 30 points of articulation.

Look at some of the images of the two-pack collectible below, which comes in a case that looks like a VHS tape. It is glorious.


In this movie, Hogan plays World Champion wrestler Rip. A TV network boss (Kurt Fuller) really wants the “Jock Ass” Rip on his channel, and he finds a way to pit him against Zues, an unstoppable force. The movie also features a man pooping up his own back, Rip waking a woman up in the middle of the night by doing push-ups with his legs on a bed, and Fuller’s character saying “Jock Ass” a whole lot.

While this was a movie you got to watch in the theaters, the events of it actually played out in real life. As the movie was financed by WWE, Zues made his way into WWE. He feuded with Hogan, citing he was mad he lost to Hogan’s character in the movie. He lasted with WWE from just before Summerslam to Royal Rumble 1990, where he made his final appearance in WWE.

Preorder information and pricing of the figures to come. Comic-Con returns to San Diego on Wednesday, July 20 and runs through until Sunday, July 23.

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