Saturday, December 10

MCPP launches Mississippi Leadership Academy | Mississippi Politics and News

Students heard from former Congressman Chip Pickering and State Director of Americans for Prosperity Starla Brown.

In July, the Mississippi Center for Public Policy (MCPP) announced the launch of the Mississippi Leadership Academy.


Over the weekend, MCPP held its first session where students heard from former Congressman Chip Pickering and the State Director of Americans for Prosperity Starla Brown.

“Liberty needs leaders, and to secure the future of the liberty movement in our state, we have launched the Mississippi Leadership Academy,” MCPP said in a release. “Twenty young people are taking part in this six-part program is designed to equip them with the skills necessary to be effective change agents in Mississippi.”

According to MCPP, the majority of the students attend the University of Mississippi, Mississippi State University, Mississippi College and several local high schools.

MCPP noted that the students proved to be intelligent scholars, asking thought-provoking questions and engaging in unique discourse about public policy.

“We’re so thankful the first session was a success and look forward to meeting with our students again,” MCPP said in a release.

The students will meet again in November to hear from State Auditor Shad White.

“I’m excited to welcome the participants of MCPP’s Leadership Academy. We need more engaged young people who understand the policymaking process and who will stand up for conservative values in Mississippi,” Auditor White told Y’all Politics in July. “This is a great opportunity to help those young folks develop the skills they need to effect change and usher in Mississippi’s bright future.”

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