Friday, February 23

Meta Provides Expanded Business Support Through Updated ‘Pro Team’ Initiative

The lack of contact options for Facebook and Instagram has long been a key pain point for businesses, with many expressing frustration at ongoing issues and delays that could easily have been resolved through personalized contact.

Meta has been working to address this, by adding new live chat support elements for English-speaking creators in the United States – but realistically, at Meta’s scale, offering immediate, one-on-one support for all business queries, at all times, is likely not possible.

Which is where its Meta Pro Team project comes in. The Meta Pro Team is an evolution of its Facebook Marketing Experts program, which provides complimentary live support for Facebook and Instagram marketers to help them address technical account queries, maximize their in-app performance, get tips, insights and more.

As explained by Meta:

The Meta Pro Team offers support to help small businesses grow their online advertising impact, from top-of-the-marketing-funnel goals down to direct response objectives. Our pros help ensure you have strategic guidance to reach and connect with your customers in moments that matter most, no matter whether you’re a novice advertiser or have been advertising for many years.”

And now, along with the name change, Meta’s also expanding access to the support initiative.

The updated Meta Pro Team program now comprises of three tiers of support for different businesses and their needs:

  • Meta Marketing Pro: Marketing Pros provide live, tailored help to maximize business results across different Meta technologies.
  • Meta Technical Pro: Technical Pros provide live, hands-on guidance to help install or optimize Pixel, Product Catalog, Conversions API and measurement.
  • Meta Support Pro: Support Pros can help with troubleshooting policy, billing and ad restriction issues.

So you have a range of options to address specific elements.

But don’t get too excited – it’s not available to all businesses just yet.

According to the Meta Pro Team website, the program isn’t currently offered to all advertisers, but Meta is working to expand it in the future.

“We’ll reach out to you if your business is a good fit. In the meantime, please check out Meet the Pro Team and the pros to learn more about your business eligibility.”

Meta Pro Team

Tapping through on these contact options takes you to a page which tells you whether you can access that option or not, and there are no specific details as to what makes a business eligible presented.

So you may have more options in this regard, but you may not be able to access them as yet. But for those that can, it could help to provide more guidance and technical understanding in your process, which could be an invaluable resource for your strategic planning.

You can read more about the Meta Pro Team program here.

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