Wednesday, February 8

Multi-level Mario Kart-looking Go kart track at new Michigan entertainment center

YPSILANTI, MI – You won’t be armed with turtle shells or banana peels, but you will feel like your kart is zooming around at 200cc. A huge entertainment complex has just opened in Ypsilanti offering everything from karting, bumper cars and laser tag to an adventure course and perhaps, Michigan’s first selfie putt-putt course.

Best In Games (BIG) Entertainment Center is located at 4095 Carpenter Road, and when we say it’s huge in side, we mean it.

You can get lost in the arcade on the main floor. Next to that is a bar and grill. On the other side is an extreme adventure course. Turn your head and you’ll come across an actual Grave Digger monster truck turned into a virtual reality ride.

Look up and you’ll see a big laser tag area. Around a wall on the second floor is a bar, plate breaking area, ninja star throwing area and the selfie putt-putt course. You’ll also find axe throwing and football bowling on top of the speedy, multi-level karting on the third level. Kids and adults could spend all day here and still not do everything.

“We have all of these different spaces meant for different people,” Best In Games owner Gaz Ismail told MLive. “Like, the person that throws axes isn’t the same as the one that plays selfie putt-putt, but all of these people are together here making for one giant mixing bowl.”

The entire third level is dedicated to the indoor Grand Prix-style race track. The electric karts can top out at 45 mph on a multi-level course.

“My inspiration for this track was Freemont Street in Vegas. It’s lit up with LED lights on the track with different levels and bridges.”

Speaking of inspiration, the selfie putt-putt course is unlike any miniature golf course you’ve probably ever seen before. Each of the nine holes is essentially a different scene created by Ismail. There’s 26 different photo ops with signs showing where to stand to take each photo.

One of the nine selfie putt-putt courses at Best In Games in Ypsilanti (Photo by Edward Pevos | MLive)

Some of the holes and photo ops include a “Simpsons” scene, an “E.T.” scene, a hall of mirrors where you try to see how many reflections of yourself you can get, Twister, scary clowns and more.

“I just felt that with selfie golf, people wouldn’t get bored. Guys will want to play golf with their girlfriends who will enjoy taking pictures. Grandparents will want to take their kids for both the golf and photo ops. Everything is about taking pictures while playing golf.”

Best In Games also has plenty of room and private spaces to host parties and events. It’s open Mondays through Thursdays from Noon to 10 p.m., Fridays and Saturdays from Noon to 11 p.m. and Sundays from Noon to 9 p.m.

“I’ve been in this business for 30 years,” added Ismail. “I’ve seen what people enjoy and I really like these things myself. I’m like a friend. I’m a happy guy, so I’m making us adults relive our lives. Kids can come and do all of this, too.”


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