Friday, June 9

New technology streamlining arrest process for Leland Police Department

(Photo: Leland Police Department)

LELAND, NC (WWAY) — The Leland Police Department has implemented new technology allowing officers to better serve the community.

The technology simplifies the arrest process, consisting of the Video Magistrate System, an Automated Fingerprint Identification System, and an Intoximeter.

These items mean that officers can fully process someone who’s been arrested in-house, rather than making trips to and from the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office in Bolivia.

The most significant component of this new technology, according to police, is the Video Magistrate System. This software is a secure network that allows officers to appear in front of a judicial official to obtain necessary processing paperwork, like arrest warrants, Magistrate’s Orders, or involuntary commitment paperwork.

It also enables them to bring a suspect before the magistrate for the service of a process.

“During the height of COVID, the Leland Police Department looked for ways to minimize exposure and risk to officers while not sacrificing service,” Chief Jeremy Humphries said. “The Video Magistrate System was identified as one way to help accomplish that goal.”

Leland’s implementation of the Video Magistrate System has prompted other area agencies to look into this technology as well.

“This new technology keeps our officers inside Town limits when possible, which not only saves fuel but also allows them to return to patrol sooner and better serve their community,” Chief Humphries added.

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