Saturday, December 9

No, That’s Not Jared Leto at the Met Gala

Year after year, Jared Leto makes an absolute meal of the Met Gala. Nobody wear attention-getting gear quite as reliably as he does: In 2019, you’ll recall, he literally carried his own head to the annual event. This year, for the Gilded Glamour-themed Met Gala, expectations were set sky high. Maybe that’s why when a man showed up on the carpet dressed like a king from a planet far, far away, with waves of spikes sprouting from his outfit, people just went ahead and assumed Leto was up to his old tricks again. That rascal! Only: that’s not Jared Leto.

Maybe it’s a compliment to Leto that people see an outfit that’s a 10-out-of-10 on the insanity scale and don’t even bother to double-check if it’s actually him. As soon as this man hit the red carpet, multiple publications started spreading the news that Jared Leto had arrived at the Met Gala. Even The New York Times, which tweeted and then deleted an image described as Leto’s “take on the Gilded Glamour theme,” was hustled, scammed, bamboozled, hoodwinked, lea astray. (Shouts to Vulture for leaving their mistake up.)

The outfit was passed along as Jared-being-Jared, but the look actually belongs to Fredrik Robertsson, who has one thing in common with Leto: they’re both well known for showing up in envelope-pushing fashion. It didn’t help the confusion that Robertsson and Leto don’t look entirely dissimilar, especially behind a veil of quills and in full makeup.

Left: Also not Jared Leto (Gucci designer Alessandro Michele) Right: Jared Leto, finally! 

Jamie McCarthy

That wasn’t Leto, but the actor did eventually show up in a pretty Jared Leto outfit to the Met Gala. The longtime Gucci devotee dressed as the label’s creative director Alessandro Michele. The pair wore matching outfits: an embroidered ivory double-breasted suit, a magenta bow tie, and even a metal hair clip arranged in the exact same place. It’s fitting that even when Leto really did show up to the Met Gala he was dressed in a way meant to purposefully cause some confusion around his identity. Little did he know that Robertsson was way ahead of him.

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